Here’s Why Cooking Our Steak Frozen Leads To The Tastiest Steak

A Frozen Steak Is Much Tastier, Science Says

Those people who have tried to cook a steak at home know that it is not an effortless thing to do. As it seems, it is more difficult to cook a steak and to cook fish or poultry. Overcooked chicken does not have a very different taste. But, steak is a different story.

Everyone likes steak in a unique way. Some prefer thinner, and some thicker cuts. Some prefer it less or more rare, and what makes a big difference is the seasoning.

There are numerous rules about cooking a steak. So, in the article, we are going to reveal a secret to cooking a delicious steak.

Not everyone is able to purchase fresh ingredients each day. Luckily, we have freezers which preserve our good. However, it is tricky when to take out the steak in order to defrost.

It can add more hours to your dinner habit. Many forget to take out the steak from the freezer. But, is there something you can do about this?

Of course. When you defrost your steak, it does not give it a better taste. Actually, keeping the steak frozen until cooking gives it a much better taste.

In order to find out why is this so, America’s Test Kitchen did an experiment. So, they froze eight pieces of steak. Half of the steaks were frozen, and the other half was defrosted.

They cooked all of the pieces in the same way, and they made a comparison between texture and taste. They found out that the frozen steak tasted a lot better than the other one. In fact, the thawed steak overcooked on the edges, and the frozen steak perfect.

Also, it did not lose that much moisture. So, a frozen steak is definitely a better choice. Even though it will never be easy to cook a steak, this makes your cooking a little bit easier.

So, when you want to eat steak, you can relax knowing that you do not need to defrost it first. Enjoy your steak.