Eat These 15 Foods if You Experience Memory Loss, Brain Fog and Vision Problems

Eat These 15 Foods If You Experience Memory Loss, Brain Fog And Vision Problems

We can all use a bit of memory boost from time to time. Besides, all the stress we experience these days can affect us in countless ways. That is why our bodies need something to help them release all those inflammatory cytokines.

Especially, when we are stressed. These chemicals warn your immune system to kick it up a notch and fight off the bacteria.

In fact, these chemicals put the immune system into an overdrive which in the end forces your body to react to the stress as it were some infection.

Even though inflammation usually shields the body from illnesses and repairs the damage from physical trauma, chronic inflammation can eventually damage the tissues. Therefore, it is important that we take care of it before it becomes problematic.

Also, stress can cause anxiety, depression, confusion, and difficulty concentrating. In the end, it can disrupt our daily activities.

Memory loss is a compound of your stress. Before you even know it, you will be caught in a never-ending loop that will create additional tension and pressure. Eventually, it can affect the heart and might even cause cancer.

Even though it is impossible to get rid of all your stress completely, there are some repercussions you can take. A good place to start is to eat healthy foods. According to research, the food you eat can help you avoid stress.

15 Memory Boosting Foods

Some foods can even be beneficial for the brain and prevent brain fog and forgetfulness. Here are the best 15 foods that can boost your memory and brain function.

1. Fish

Sardines, black cod, and salmon are rich in omega-3 fatty acids. As such, they can boost the brain function and overall health.

According to a study published in 2013 by the Human Psychopharmacology, people can improve their brain functions with the help of omega-3 supplementation.

Other research also supports this claim. Researchers believe that eating fish on a daily basis can improve memory and overall brain health.

2. Eggs

According to a study published in 2011 in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, people who have enough choline in their regular diet can have better memory and brain functions.

Also, they are less likely to develop certain brain changes that are associated with dementia. Eggs contain a huge amount of choline.

3. Avocados

Avocados are the healthiest fruit you can eat. In fact, they are rich in monosaturated fat, which is the good fat that can boost the cognitive function, memory, and concentration. Therefore, we highly suggest you add more avocados to your diet.

4. Green Tea

This is a superfood that can help with anxiety, weight loss, and brain functions. It can improve your memory and help you recall things easily.

5. Blueberries

These fruits are rich in antioxidants and vitamins such as K and C. Also, they contain plenty of fiber. That is why blueberries are the powerhouse of nutrition.

6. Coconut Oil

Coconut oil has plenty of medicinal uses. That is why many researchers recommend that we use it for reducing inflammation and treating age-related memory loss.

7. Whole Grains

While grains contain plenty of fiber, omega-3 fatty acids, and complex carbohydrates. That is why they can be amazing for the brain development and overall well-being. In the long run, eating whole grains can reduce the risk of memory-damage.

8. Dark Chocolate

Everyone loves eating chocolate. Research shows that dark chocolate is a superfood for the brain. Plus, it has anti-inflammatory and anti-aging properties, which make it an amazing food for the body.

Due to the antioxidants and caffeine it contains, dark chocolate can sharpen your memory and concentration, studies claim.

9. Extra Virgin Olive Oil

This oil contains plenty of antioxidants that can boost your memory and your ability to learn faster.

10. Nuts

Nuts contain a lot of omega-3 fatty acids. That is why they almost have the same effects as fish. They can boost your brain function and memory. Also, they contain a lot of vitamins, antioxidants, and minerals that can boost the overall brain health.

11. Onions

These veggies contain plenty of Sulphur compounds that can help slow down the deterioration of your memory due to aging. That is why many researchers recommend onions for memory loss.

12. Broccoli

This food is probably the best for the brain. It contains plenty of vitamin C, K, and antioxidants.

13. Turmeric

This spice can boost the brain health, concentration, and memory. Many studies can confirm this claim, which is why we highly recommend you add it to your diet.

14. Beets

Beets can reduce inflammation, protect the body from cancer, detoxify the system, and boost the blood flow in the brain. That is why beets are highly recommended for improving the mental performance of a person.

15. Rosemary

This spice contains active ingredients that can protect the brain from free radical damage and other negative influences that can affect your memory. That is why this spice belongs in every kitchen.