Are There Really 3 Types of Love That Have a Different Purpose in Life?

We Fall in Love with 3 People in Our Lifetime – Each One for a Specific Reason

Anyone who hasn’t managed to fall in love with the right one from the beginning has to live to have 3 types of different love. Now, people may be wondering, what are the types of love?

Well, some philosophers think we need to have 3 different lovers.

Each is serving a different purpose in life to help us get to number 3. Furthermore, it all begins when we are very young. Here are the 3 types of different love people will probably experience, or they already have experienced.

1. First Type of Love

This type of love feels like a fairy tale. Deep in your heart, you find this love to be just the right one for you. Moreover, it feels as if you are the perfect couple. Well, this is the idealistic love. It is a love that you will die for.

Both, dramatic, and incredibly romantic at times. As a result, you strongly believe that this love will last for a lifetime. That is why you will do anything in your power to make it last. Therefore, your principles and ideas are slowly becoming unimportant.

Instead, you strongly focus on that relationship, and you try to make it work. However, the true problem with this type of love is that it relies solely on how other people see you, and not about how you feel.

2. Second Type of Love

Now it gets serious. This is the type of love where you delve deeper into sexuality and desires overcome you. At times, you strongly believe that fate brought you together, and you should stay together forever.

However, at other times you really want to snap each other’s heads off. In other words, this relationship is very passionate and heart-breaking.

As a result, break up follows. But, the good thing about being in this kind of relationship is that you will finally learn about who you are and what you want.

Even though it is a love built on mistakes, fights, and passion, after some time, many people give up on it. But, have in mind that a relationship like this one only makes you stronger.

It might not have a happy ending, but you surely got out of it ready to take on the world.

3. Third Type of Love

This is the love you least expect to appear. When you first saw the person, you never imagined you would end up together. Maybe you didn’t want to be in a relationship, or simply your personalities didn’t match.

Nevertheless, there was still some connection between you that lit up the moment you saw each other. However, neither one of you was prepared for what was to come. Furthermore, the moment you started dating, you somehow ‘’fit’’ together.

You compliment each other’s weaknesses and strengths. It simply feels right. Well, no wonder why. You have been through a lot. But, now that you know what you want and you know yourself, you are ready to spend your life with this special person.

The reason for these 3 types of love was to teach you about life and make it easier for you to go through every phase in life. Only that way you can improve, grow, and become a better person.