7 Exercises We Should Try Today to Help Prevent Back Pain

7 Exercises We Should Try Today to Help Prevent Back Pain

Nowadays one of the most common issues regardless of age is back pain. Back pain might impact us for different reasons: prolonged standing, injury, degenerative disk disease, prolong sitting, aging and poor posture.

We should bear in mind that our back has a complex structure of disks, bones, ligaments, muscles, and tendons that work together in order to enable movement and also support our body.

Therefore, in case any of these things above mentioned are damaged or injured in any way, we will feel pain in our back. Of course, according to the injury, we will feel pain in our back with different intensity.

Also, we should know that based on the severity of the damage or injury; our pain can range from a mild, dull, annoying pain all the way to persistent, disabling, and severe pain.

However, in case we do our best to strengthen and stretch our back on a daily basis, we might be able to lower the risk of pain. This is particularly crucial for adults and those people who have to stand or sit too long while they work.

This includes those who work at an office or those who drive for too long. The good news is that some very useful exercises might help us strengthen and stretch our back. Intrigued? Read on, to find out more about these exercises.

7 Effective and Quick Exercises

#1 Doorway Stretch

You should pay more attention to your back, but mainly to your upper back. Why? Because the upper back is vital for upright and robust spinal cord.

In case you have a weak upper back, you should know that you will be more prone to back injuries and poor posture. Therefore, this is a great exercise to stretch your back.

All you need to do is stand in front of your doorway. Put your hands on the door frame, and make sure that your elbows are at the same level with your shoulder.

Once you do this, you need to relax your shoulders and arms and take one small step into the door. However, while you do this, you shouldn’t move your hands.

Then you need to stay like that for 30 seconds and breathe. You shouldn’t feel any pain; you should only feel a small pull in your chest. In case during this stretch, you feel serious pain you should stop right away and consult your doctor.

#2 Back Extensions

This is a great exercise for strengthening your glutes, muscles in the lower back and hamstrings. Why? Because you use the muscles in the lower back and glutes in order to get up and stay like that in the position.

You should know that you can keep your hands behind your head or you can put them on the chest. Do it like you feel most comfortable.

#3 Head-to-Toe Stretch

We need to mention that before you do any stretch or exercise, it is vital to warm your muscles and also to relax your body. If you don’t warm your muscles, you might injure yourself. Therefore, you should know that this is a good stretch to start the way.

This exercise can really help since muscles that are elastic can stretch better and eventually reduce the risk of pulling a muscle. A fantastic stretch for the back is this one which is efficient, quick and easy.

Start in a standing position, then slowly bend your back until you touch the toes with your fingers. It is okay if you cannot do this from the beginning but you should know that over time you will be able to do it.

That can serve you as a proof of the efficiency of the stretch.

#4 Barbell Rows

You need to activate your muscles, and you can do it just with multi-joint exercises, one such exercise is the barbell rows. You should know that exercise actually targets more muscle groups found in your back and ensures they get stronger.

In case you are just a beginner you should know that you need to begin with a lightweight. You should use light weight until you get used to the posture after a while.

#5 Seated Rows

When it comes to this exercise, you should know that there are different variations, and all of them are good for your different muscle groups. Also, you should bear in mind that this exercise is for stretching and not for building strength.

With this exercise, you can strengthen the back and consequently prevent any possible back pain which usually interferes with the activities on a daily basis. With seated rows, you can improve your overall well being and posture.

#6 Deadlifts

With this exercise, you can strengthen your upper back and the essential muscles known by the name spinal erectors. You should know that these muscles begin at the length of the spinal column to the upper and lower back.

However, the spinal erectors actually support and protect your vertebrae. Therefore the stronger you become, the better core stabilization and posture you will have.

Begin with lower weight, and eventually, you can increase the weight.

#7 Face Pull

With the right music, this can be a fun and easy exercise. As you probably know a weak back might interfere with activities you have on a daily basis. Typical daily activities are carrying groceries, lifting objects and walking.

Therefore, such stretch might help you strengthen the muscles on your upper back and eventually correct your posture. It is possible because by doing the exercise you are improving the upper crossed syndrome and also bringing back your shoulders.

You can also use an exercise band or hand weights to do this exercise. However, that is optional. Choose what is more comfortable for you.