The Easiest Way to Escape a Sinking Vehicle. Knowing How Might Save One’s Life Some Day

Knowing How to Escape From a Sinking Car May Save Your Life

Many people lose their lives in sinking cars, and they are not able to come out. We have to change it. Would we be able to get out of our car if it is underwater?

The expert diver, Geoff Fahringer says that we need to learn how to save ourselves in such a situation. That is so because rescuers do not have enough time to get people out in time.

In order to come out alive, you should use that little time you have before the car gets filled with water.

Even though you might think that it is the best way to call 911, it will not help you. You are only wasting your time.

We offer you a video in which Geoff Fahringer explains and demonstrates how can you get out of your sinking car.

We advise you to watch the video carefully because it may help you a lot! Do not let yourself to be another victim!

Source: Awareness Act