The Reason Why Empaths May Never Feel a Sense of Belonging

Why Do Empaths Feel as They Don't Belong Anywhere

An empath is a person who is highly sensitive when it comes to feelings and emotions. An empath feels everything extremely. They experience the world differently than the rest, and for that, they use their specific filter intuition.

Empaths are good listeners, and no matter what they always support their loved ones.

#10 Facts About Empaths

#1 They are highly sensitive

#2 Many empaths are actually introverted

#3 Often they need alone time

#4 They are highly intuitive

#5 Usually they are targets for the so-called energy vampires

#6 Empaths tend to absorb the emotions of other people

#7 Empaths have big hearts, but they give too much

#8 They become replenished when in nature

#9 They can easily become overwhelmed when in an intimate relationship

#10 Empaths have tuned senses  

More About Empaths

But empaths can also feel the dark side of people and how dark this side really feels. It is like that since most people actually focus on the negative things and situations in life.

When it comes to empaths, this is pretty hard since they are able to feel unhappiness radiating from everyone around them. If you an empath surely you can relate to this. But do you know how it affects you?

How Being an Empath Affects You

Yes, being aware of the emotions of other people affects you. The sad thing is that although you know how they feel that will not bring you closer, instead it will make you keep a distance.

What will happen is that you turn out to be lenient towards these negative people because of the turmoil and the emotional struggles you experience. However, their inability to understand your emotions will make them cruel in the end.

Inevitably, empaths close off the world, and they are the only ones who understand everyone else but don’t get any respect for that from other people.

People began seeing empathy for the weakness it introduces into a society that is obsessed with negativity and has started projecting the view into reality which is too much for the empath.

Feeling as You Don’t Belong

Empaths have constant inner struggles with their own emotions and those of other people. For that, they pay the price of “not belonging.”

Even if an empath tries to socialize with seemingly good people, he/she begins noticing the hypocrisy which usually leaks through other people’s words.

What You Should Do

You should try to ignore that sudden boom of emotions in other people and what you should do is try to focus more on your inner peace. Remember, you don’t need to belong somewhere as long as you are at peace with yourself and you belong to yourself.

Try to understand that there is no such thing as a perfect and ideal person. Therefore it is essential to be true to yourself. See yourself as a person who can change the world.

Elizabeth Lowell said: “Some of us aren’t meant to belong. Some of us have to turn the world upside down and shake the hell out of it until we make our place in it”.

So, do you know how to protect yourself if you are an empath? To find out more watch the video below.