Learn How to Recognize An Emotionally Immature Man from The Very Beginning

Learn How To Recognize An Emotionally Immature Man From The Very Beginning

Marilyn Monroe’s quote is very good at describing men who are emotionally immature. This quote is a narcissistic one because it is some kind of an excuse for bad behavior. It sends out a message that you should love a person with all their flaws and virtues.

“I’m selfish, impatient, and a little insecure. I make mistakes, I am out of control and at times hard to handle. But if you can’t handle me at my worst, then you sure as hell don’t deserve me at my best.”

Of course, at the beginning of every relationship, people tend to present themselves in the best possible light. So, at this stage, it is not easy to see the real maturity of a man.

In order to see his real personality, you need to give it a time, usually a few months. When you see that he is not interested in changing his behavior, you will not be pleasantly surprised.

However, you can learn how to recognize if a man is immature at the beginning of the relationship, and you will protect yourself from the unnecessary hurt.

1. He is the Savior

When a man wants to be around people when they need his help, he just wants to help them in order to forget about his own difficulties and problems. This type of man wants to have a woman who will desperately need his attention.

Since he is trying to escape from his own skin, he will try to heal the wounds of his partner. But, when this woman feels okay, and she does not need him to help her, he will be broken.

A man who is running away from his problems does not love himself enough, so do not expect him to love you.

2. He is Mama’s Boy

Probably, you know this type of man whose most important figure in life is his mommy. Well, we are not saying that one should not love and respect one mother, but comparing his mother to all the other women in his life is not good.

Keep in mind that if you are with this type of man, you will never be better than his mommy. Also, if you enter into a relationship with a man like this, expect his mom to be in charge of your relationship.

3. He is a Narcissist

The arrogance he possesses makes him feel confident. This man is happy and satisfied when he is the center of attention and people admire him. But, underneath his clothes, there is an immature boy hiding.

He needs a woman who will always be there to feed his ego, but when this woman realizes that he is not worth her time, he will move on and find another victim.

4. He is an Addict

When a man is addicted to things that make him feel good such as gaming, gambling, alcohol, etc., he will need a woman to keep him excited too. If he stops feeling the rush of adrenaline from this woman, he will lose interest.

Also, he likes the pleasure from the “forbidden fruit…”

5. He is Focused Only on His Career

Of course, we all need a job in order to live, but this man is obsessed with his career. It is okay when someone is ambitious and wants to realize his dreams, but when this person starts ignoring everything else, then, that is a problem.

When he is in a relationship, he does not care about his partner’s emotions, feelings, goals, and dreams. He is completely focused on his work, so he is absent. If his partner tries to talk to him, he will accuse her of becoming their burden.

6. He is Always the Victim

A man like this is usually depressed, disconnected, and unsatisfied. Even if everything is good, he will find something to worry about. Sadly, he believes that all the bad things happen only to him.

In this way, he wants to get the love he needs from the woman he is with. So, he needs a woman who will always be there for him and will give meaning to his life.

If you are with a guy like this, you may think about trying to find a way to become a better person, but keep in mind that some people never change, and it is up to you whether you are going to be with them or not.