Why We Should Start Eating Avocado More Often?

This Is Why You Should Start Eating Avocado More Often

Nowadays, the avocado is in the spotlight. You might be wondering if the avocado is a vegetable or a fruit? Well, we should know that it is a fruit which is easily included in sweet and savory dishes.

When it comes to the avocado, one thing is certain this is a unique and one-of-a-kind fruit. Other fruits contain mainly carbs, and on the other hand, others are abundant in healthy fats.

And it is proven and said that avocado has many potential benefits for overall health.

Why is Avocado Amazing?

This is a fantastic fruit for many reasons; however, until recently, this wasn’t known. For many years, people were scared of foods that contain fat, and that is why people have overlook avocados no matter the fact that they are abundant in nutrients.

But today people are well aware that avocados have healthy monounsaturated fats and minerals, antioxidants, and many trace vitamins. Below you will learn about the couple health benefits of avocado. There is more to this fruit than you thought.

Here’s Why We Should Eat Avocado

#1 It is Good for Eyes

You should know that avocados contain 2 vital natural ingredients known as zeaxanthin and lutein. These ingredients are actually carotenoids which are necessary when it comes to vision and eye health.

In fact, the avocado is the only fruit that has these 2 ingredients in such a high amount. Therefore, consuming avocados is good for your eyes. (1)

#2 The Avocado is Good for Cholesterol Levels

Avocados contain healthy fat, and thus they can help keep good cholesterol levels. It is shown that this fruit can help lower LDL also known as bad cholesterol. (2)

#3 Avocados are Good for Blood Pressure

The avocado is abundant in potassium, and that helps manage blood pressure.

The potassium might help eliminate the excess amount of sodium and ease the tension present in the walls of the blood vessel that contributes to having lower blood pressure. (3)

#4 Avocados are Rich in Nutrients

When following a wholesome diet, it can really be difficult to get all the needed minerals and vitamins on a daily basis. In this situation, the avocados might help since one serving contains 20 minerals and vitamins.

As a matter of fact, one serving of avocado contains 21 percent of potassium, 25 percent of vitamin C, 30 percent folate, and 39 percent vitamin K. (4)

#5 The Avocado Can Help to Lose Weight

The avocado can add texture to your meal, but at the same time, it can help you achieve your weight loss goals. One study came to the discovery that consuming ½ of an avocado provides a feeling of fullness around five hours after eating and increases satiety. (5)

Therefore, this actually suppresses the need for snacking and consuming unhealthy foods. So, now that you are aware of these health benefits of avocado surely you would want to include it in your diet.

But do you know how? Read on to find out more about this.

How to Use and Buy Avocado

Don’t be hesitant to add this mouthwatering fruit to your diet on a daily basis. Once you learn more about it, you will understand that it is easy to include avocado in your daily diet.

But before you include it, you need to learn how to pick and buy the right avocado. When you are buying an avocado what you need to do is ensure that it is ripe. How do know this?

You need to squeeze it, and it should provide a gentle and firm yield to pressure. Once you buy it, you need to learn how to use it. When it comes to avocados, you will be surprised just how many uses are out there.

You should know that you can use avocado in baking as a replacement for fat. Also, you can dice it and use it as a topping for your bone broth and soups. You can add it to salads and also use it to make guacamole at home.

Add avocado to the food processor, and you can easily make smoothies, pudding, and dessert whips. And last but not least you can add to your skin and use it as a natural moisturizer.

Did you know about all the benefits and uses of avocado? Do you consume avocados? How do you include avocados in your daily diet?