A Proper Way to Drink Water on an Empty Stomach in The Morning

A Proper Way to Drink Water on an Empty Stomach in The Morning

People from Japan have an interesting habit of drinking water every morning on an empty stomach. And, people used to do that even hundreds of years ago, and after WW2, it was published in a Japanese newspaper, so it became popular again.

According to scientists drinking water offers a lot of health benefits, and it prevents many health conditions. (1)

Also, it treats menstrual disorders, asthma, headaches, eye diseases, body aches, high cholesterol, constipation, heart problems, accelerated heartbeat, diabetes, epilepsy, meningitis, TB, bronchitis, kidney and urinary tract illnesses, diarrhea, vomiting, piles, illnesses of the ear, uterus, throat, and nose. (2)

How to Prepare the Therapy

Every morning, right away when you wake up, you should drink four (200ml) glasses of water. Then, you can brush your teeth, but you should not consume anything for the following 45 mins.

When the 45 mins. pass, you can consume whatever you like. But, remember not to drink or eat 2 hours after a meal.

The best way is to start the therapy slowly till you get to four glasses.

This therapy is not harmful, it does not have any unwanted results, but it is extremely beneficial. According to people who have experienced the benefits, this therapy can treat gastritis in ten days.

Also, it can treat increased blood pressure and diabetes in 30 days, as well as constipation in just ten days.