What When the Doctor Orders to Have a Colonoscopy?


Most people probably know that in the world of medicine, one of the most common procedures is a colonoscopy. Also, colonoscopy is one of the most feared procedures, and there are numerous myths about it. Ever done it?

The test lasts about half an hour to an hour, and it requires a special diet. The patient gets meds in the vein in order to feel drowsy and relaxed, then they lie on their left side. For the procedure, it is used a long and flexible tubular instrument.

The tubular instrument is named colonoscope and it is inserted through the rectum, which is not a nice feeling, right? The patient may be asked to change position for the doctor to be able to move the colonoscope.

The cramps can be lowered by taking deep breaths. When the procedure is over, the doctor withdraws the colonoscope carefully. If there is something abnormal, the doctor may take a sample for further examination.

And, then, after everything is over, the patient stays in the room for an observation about half an hour. The cramps and sensation of having gas usually passes quickly.

With the help of this test, the doctor is able to see if your intestines are healthy both thin and thick. However, it is not clear if this is the only possible way to check the state of intestines.

Doctors can see if the patient has some issues such as tumors, polyps, ulcers, hemorrhages, and other inflammations that prevent normal function of your intestines.

Every year, numerous of people who are healthy need to undergo this test because they want to know if there is some problem that may affect their help.

Even though this test can help in finding problems, is it necessary for people to do it? In this article, we are going to talk about the effectiveness of this test. (1)

Is Colonoscopy Safe?

Many do not know that this procedure is dangerous, and sometimes it may be fatal. About 0.5 percent of people who undergo this test get an injury in that body area and some may even pass away because of it.

It is about 22 percent higher than those who die because of cancer that grows in that area. Moreover, you are also in danger of getting an infection with an illness such as tuberculosis, salmonella, HPV, hepatitis B and V, HIV and so on.

So, we can say that colonoscopy is not really necessary, and it can put your health in danger while it makes doctors richer.

If you want to be sure that you are healthy without any problems in that body area, you can do a non-invasive rectal immunochemical test that is as effective as colonoscopy, but it has no risks.

The American Cancer Society says that since people do not find colonoscopy safe and attractive, they decide to try fecal immunochemical test and the multitarget stool deoxyribonucleic acid test.

Well, the next time when you visit your doctor, and they suggest a colonoscopy, tell them about the risks you are putting yourself into, and ask for the safer exam. No one should go through this dangerous exam, but anyway, you need to consult your doctor.