20 Differences Between A Soulmate & A Life Partner

20 Differences Between a Soulmate and a Life Partner

It is not a piece of cake to find a partner with whom we would spend our life with. We may find someone and feel like we can be forever together.

Or, we can find someone with whom we have a great relationship, but feel like we cannot develop while with them. If you find yourself in this, you should know that it is not just you.

There are a lot of people who do not understand that in fact, a perfect partner and a life partner can be two different people. There are distinctions, and in this article, you will read about the difference between a life partner and a soulmate.

1. Soulmates Offer You Lessons

The perfect partner for you may be just anyone. They just got something that satisfies something inside you. Also, you may take something from them, that you did not even ask for.

Often, a perfect partner gives you what you need, and then, they leave you with a broken heart. But, that is a lesson.

2. Partner as a Cheerleader

When you find your supporter, they will make you feel secure. This partner may do this by being interested in the same things in which you are, being there for you, and giving you help.

If you have found yourself this type of partner, you should stay with them because relationships are about unselfishness. With this partnership, you have a connection on a passionate and profound level.

3. The Connections

You and your perfect partner can see an important part of your relationship. Also, you are aware of reality. Usually, there is chaos in a relationship with a perfect partner, and you should not expect to be naturally joyful.

There are many changes happening inside you. When you find your perfect match, you may take in something from them, and you may like that.

4. You Accept Yourself

Your life partner is with you, and you are accepting and loving yourself. When you have a life partner, you feel satisfied with yourself. You and your life partner may not be equal, but you accept that.

You like to get to know each other, and you see that you were meant to be.

5. The Sheer Intensity

When you meet your perfect partner usually you get a sense like you have met your other half, and you feel like you have known each other your entire life. You know each other’s thoughts. Also, you may have had some issues in your past.

However, it is amazing, and it may seem promising. But, being too similar may not last for long. Although you have a great comprehension of each other, you may have horrible fights.

6. Ease of Connection

When it comes to life partners, you may not have a similar past or a similar way of thinking. Besides not being equal, you are connected on a passionate level. Most of the time, your life partner is someone who can be your support and a person which you can rely on.

Even though you and your life partner may be different, you may be amazed by each other. With the help of these differences, you can develop in many ways.

Things may not be so passionate about a life partner, as when they would be with a perfect partner, but they are more lasting.

7. Intuitive Knowing

When you meet your perfect partner, you can see that they know you well enough already. This is not about intuition, but understanding what the other person would think. Shortly, there are no words needed in order to understand each other.

Your perfect partner knows what you need, and you know what they need. Also, a perfect partner may have similar education as you, and this may be the reason why they may know you so well.

8. Physical Attraction

Life partners tend to be more about physical fascination. In the beginning, they fall for each other, and then, they share the love which lasts longer than the one with a perfect partner.

Having a relationship with a life partner is much better than whatever else. Before you fall deeply in love, you first check if you can have better than the average.

So, both of you would have many challenges in your relationship, but you will stick together, no matter how much trouble you encounter.

9. Life Experiences

There are a lot of people who meet their perfect partner exactly when they find themselves in some difficult situation. When someone is feeling down or needs an immediate direction or advice, they usually meet their perfect partner.

Since you may share a sentimental relationship, you may feel happy as well as disappointed. Basically, two people as perfect partners tend to draw out the best of each other.

They make the best qualities even better, although there is pessimism as well. Well, this type of relationship can be challenging, but, if this partner shows up to be your life partner as well, then, you are lucky.

10. Ease in a Partner

If you do not have a perfect partner, you should not worry that much. It may mean that your relationship can be at a normal level, neither lighting nor thunder.

Both of you are working well with your regular schedule, and even though you are not perfect, you can still work well as a couple. If you have a life partner, you tend to be calm and quiet, and that is what a good marriage needs.

If you focus a lot on the past or the future, you may have a lot of issues.

11. Combining the Two

Since perfect partners can be life partners as well, this may be a good or a bad thing. If the partner is sensible, the relationship can be the most beautiful of all.

But, if one or both of the partners have some psychological problem, this may be extremely bad even fatal. Finding a perfect partner is not easy, and they are not so flexible as people. It is not that they are controlling, but they may make you feel like you are not worthy.

12. Familiar Stuff

Apparently, a relationship with a perfect partner seems like everything will be great. You may even feel like you and your partner have been together even in the previous life. Although this type of relationship seems like a perfect one, it can easily disappoint you.

13. Enjoyable Life

Since you have a life together, you are lucky in other sense as well. Life partners are what you need for this life. The differences between you can make you feel good, learn, and develop.

In the beginning, you may feel a gap inside you, but that chance of development will soon fill it out.

14. Reading Minds

Life partners cannot read your mind, but perfect partners seem like they have some great and strange power. They may even be capable of telling you things about yourself, which you do not even know them.

15. Permanence

Although perfect partners are deeply connected, both of them may be aware that they will not be together forever. However, they may try to be together no matter what happens.

But, life partners usually like to strengthen their bond, and they are aware that their relationship is something bottomless. They may even want to start a family as soon as possible.

16. The Choice

Meeting a perfect partner and staying with them is not a decision, but life partners are. Most people are in relationships with life partners, and if you are with a perfect partner, it is not your fault. That is something you cannot decide.

17. Desire

When you are in a relationship with a perfect partner, you feel like you are on fire. It seems like a rollercoaster ride, you like it, but you are also afraid. So, you may go away from time to time. Anyway, a relationship with a life partner is calm and quiet.

You may have a chaotic life, but on the inside, you are calm and stable. You are thinking about settling down and starting a family which is not the case with a perfect partner.

18. The End

Having a relationship with a perfect partner, no matter if it is sentimental or non-romantic, may come to an end. A perfect partner may not have the same feelings for you as you do for them.

Whatever is the case, it is not easy when this relationship falls apart. While perfect partners disappear from your life when your relationship is over, life partners may stay in your life as something else, maybe friends.

19. Feelings

Having a perfect partner means that they are not going to need to ask you if something is wrong, but they will not it instantly. Besides knowing and understanding what you are feeling, your perfect partner would feel the same feelings as you.

While life partners, tend to ask you how you feel, and they try to understand your feelings. They are willing to talk with you about the feelings you have, but they do not feel them

20. The Aftermath

When your perfect partner leaves you, you may feel disappointed to the level that you think one can replace them. And, surprise, surprise, that may be true. You may never meet that type of person again, but meeting a life partner can help you out.

They may fix your heart, but there will be still several broken pieces left. On the other hand, if you lose a life partner, you may get over them easily, and even be thankful for having them.

After all, finding a partner who is both perfect and life partner, means you are a lucky one.