The Huge Difference Between a Player and Forever Kind of Man

The Huge Difference Between a Player and Forever Kind of Man

Women can easily agree that sometimes it can be challenging to recognize a forever man from a player. However, one thing is sure – they should always be careful about getting attached to a player.

A player will do just about anything to set himself apart from the rest. A player will do everything just to win us over, and he will be extremely attractive.

Just pay close attention, and you will notice that he will try to make subtle moves with his hands and send out provocative signals using his eyes. He will do everything possible to stand out from the rest and ensure that you will notice him.

At first, it is usual for a player to act as the ideal gentlemen. He will do his best to plan the most exciting and best dates. He will pay the bill, and uphold his gentleman culture and principles of chivalry.

He will always walk beside you, and if you let him, he will hold your hand or hold you by your waist.

He will open the door for you and offer his jacket. During the date, he will look you in your eyes and say that you are one incredible person and that he feels captivated by you like never before.

He will be romantic like you always wanted a man to be. At the end of the date, you will fall for him. Why? Because all he is going to give you many promises, and he will shower you with the best compliments.

And the worst part? You are going to believe him because that is all you wanted for someone to love you like that. This is a mistake, but it is his plan from the start.

The result of that is that you will feel deeply connected to him. You will begin to feel more comfortable around him so that you will open up even more.

Suddenly, you will find yourself fantasizing and thinking about him during the day. He will get you high as a kite and give you the long-wanted butterflies in the stomach.

With his words and actions, he will make you feel as you can do anything. He will make you feel as you finally found the one.

You will think that you are so lucky to meet the man of your dreams and feel fortunate that he is interested in you out of all the girls.

Eventually, you will feel as he will never betray or leave you, so you are going to trust him entirely and give him your heart. Then things will be smooth and fine until to a certain point.

Suddenly, out of the blue, he will change. In a blink of an eye, everything you thought was real will disappear. And you are about to experience the emotional rollercoaster.

Bear in mind that a player will do his best to make you feel relaxed and comfortable around him till the point where he understands that he is just not that into you, or that you aren’t his cup of tea.

Around him, you will feel loads of joy and happiness until he decides that he no longer sees happiness in you. Yes, he will court and swoon you and wine and dine you. He will do all that it takes until he realizes that you are not what he wants.

Why does he get into a relationship in the first place? A player does it for its own selfish desires. He starts the relationship in a big way and in that same manner he will end it.

He doesn’t care about how you feel; he will try to shy away from a commitment with anyone. Why? Because a player is selfish and is committed only to themselves.

But one thing that might comfort you is the fact that there are also those men who aren’t players but forever type of men.

They aren’t as elaborate or flashy as the players. How will you recognize them? Well, they will be more subtle the first time they approach you. The forever man wants to observe before he decides to act.

A forever man at first will seem shy, and no, he won’t use too many romantic declarations, and he will not show too many different gestures. A forever man is not pretentious and doesn’t expect something in return.

At first, he is not going to get everything right. Do you know why? Because he is not acting as the player, he is just a human being. And all humans make mistakes. He might not know what to do for the most part, and sometimes he might act awkward.

A forever man lets his feelings guide him, he allows emotions to take over, and eventually, he will surrender himself to you, and you will feel it.

At first, you might feel confused since this man might seem like a new phenomenon to you, but you should not leave. You might be hesitant or guarded, and that is completely normal. You might be careful because of what the player did to you.

You might be cautious because you don’t want to be emotionally manipulated or get hurt. But over time and with baby steps the forever man will find a way to your heart. He is patient; he wants you forever, so for him, it is no problem to wait.

He doesn’t race time, he is not sure if you want him forever, but he is entirely aware that you are worth the risk. The risk of breaking his heart. Eventually, you will see that he is the one who will treat you the best, but not the way you thought.

He is the one that will be beside you, for better or worse. He is the one who will be there when you are both sad or happy. He will stay forever, and always have your back during your journey.

Why? Because you are all he ever wanted in a woman. And that, well that is something worth living for.