We Don’t Deserve Just a Lover, We Deserve a Lover Who’s Our Best Friend

You Don't Deserve Just a Lover, You Deserve a Lover Who's Your Best Friend

Being truly intimate with someone is more than just sharing our body. It’s about sharing our soul. Finding a lover is not hard, as every human being wants to have someone by their side and feel the pleasure of touch, kiss, and hug.

But, for most people, physical intimacy is not enough, and that’s good. It means they don’t want just a lover, but someone who can be their friend as well. Someone who can be their best friend and lover at the same time. And no, it’s not impossible.

You should have someone you can tell your deepest and dirtiest secret and still feel comfortable with. To be able to cry your eyes out in front of them and still feel beautiful. Someone who will wake you up with kisses and love your messy hair.

Someone who can laugh with you until your stomach hurts while watching a movie or football match. Someone who will grab your hand every time their team scores while you watch the spark in their eyes.

Someone you can travel with anywhere and watch sunsets together. Someone you’ll enjoy getting lost within another country while holding hands and wandering the streets.

Some days you’ll just want to watch TV with them on your couch and not move. To just eat snacks and not bother about lunch or dinner. To enjoy being lazy together and watch them while they sleep.

Or, to cuddle all day long without caring about anything. To sit cross-legged and tell each other about your plans, theories, or fantasies.

It’s good to have a lover that will help you cook and laugh when you burn the dinner. You’ll know that means ordering a pizza and enjoying it even more than the planned meal.

You should have someone you can always send a funny text message to and get an even funnier reply. Someone that will make you smile by just thinking about them. Someone you’ll want to meet their family and vice versa.

Someone you’ll want to start a family with and teach your kids to say thank you and please.

Someone you can laugh with and cry with. Someone you can be silly with and celebrate your achievements. Someone that will hold your hand while going through the most challenging times of your life.

Someone who will support you and encourage you to keep on pursuing your dreams and hopes. Someone who will always give you advice and prevent you from making a mistake.

Your partner should be your best friend! The first person to call when something good or bad happens. The first person that will run to see you when you most need them. The first person that will congratulate you on your achievements and the last to disappoint you.

The first to comfort you and the last to make you cry. Everyone deserves to have such a person in their life, including you.

If you think you don’t have such a relationship with your partner, try to improve it. It’s never too late to make your partner your best friend, of course, if they allow it. Be persistent and patient. Try to have more fun moments together and talk about details from your everyday life.

Watch movies together, play games, drink beer or wine together, cook together, and you’ll become closer to one another.