People Who Want to Date a Flight Attendant Need to Know Few Things

Want to Date a Flight Attendant? You Better Prepare for This...

Like to date a flight attendant, or already with one? Because of the nature of their job, flight attendants know how to deal with different extreme situations most people usually don’t have a chance to experience.

So, they develop an attractive personality which makes them an exceptionally interesting date. However, when we do date or fall in love with a flight attendant, there are certain things we will have to put through.

Be prepared for the following:

1. Not Tete-a-Tete Communication

You better get used to virtual communication, as that will be your primary way of communication. Also, it might be difficult, but you shouldn’t call them on the phone when they are on standby. Basically, you’ll have to understand what this business is like if you want to date a flight attendant.

Nevertheless, your relationship at a distance can still work if you both communicate with each other, even if that’s through technological devices.

2. Lack of Sleep

Working as a flight attendant could mean long working hours and not enough time to sleep. So, they are usually sleep-deprived. You have to know this before waking them up early in the morning. Instead, let them wake up by themselves, they will appreciate it.

Even better, plan a date in a spa where they can take a quick, relaxing nap. Maybe a relaxing date where they can get the needed rest will help them imagine being in a relationship with you.

3. They Care a Lot about People They Love

Flight attendants are trained to take care of their passengers, so they are quite compassionate people. These features become part of their character, so you can only imagine how well they will take care of you if they fall in love with you.

4. Too Much Rest Can Become Boring

Flight attendants are used to changes and movements all the time. So, taking them on an adventurous date will surely please them. Don’t worry; they won’t complain if they have to move all around.

5. Hygiene Freaks

Flight attendants wash their hands a lot when on board. Also, they use bottled alcohol when away from the sink. Overall, they have excellent personal hygienic habits, so this is something to consider if you plan to live together.

As for advice, never let the disinfection products in your home run out.

6. They Can Be Stressed Even When Looking Calm

Pay attention not to miss when they are going through tough times, as they are trained to stay calm even in emergencies. Therefore, try to get to know them better to recognize when they are going through some stressful period.

Don’t be afraid to ask personal, deep questions to strengthen your relationship.

7. Great in Conversation

Flight attendants travel a lot, so they meet different cultures and learn how to communicate with many different personalities. In fact, even when they work they have to talk to all these people they don’t even know, so after a while, they become real experts in conversation.

In other words, you will always have some topic to talk about when going out. So, enjoy your relaxing dates with your flight attendant.

8. They Appreciate the Little Things in Life

Working this job makes you appreciate life and live every day to the fullest, being one of the world’s most dangerous jobs. So, you can please them with simple things like watching movies together, cooking their favorite meal, or bringing them flowers.

Flight attendants want to make memories of the days when they had to be away from you.