10 Things Most Couples Learn in Their Early Years of Marriage

10 Things Most Couples Learn After A Year Of Their Married Life

During the courtship period, couples enjoy spending time with each other, and talking about many things. One thing that some couples like to talk about is “How would our marriage be like?”

That’s an interesting question because most couples have a flowery image of marriage. They believe that marriage is all about spending a lot of time together, date nights, having many passionate moments, etc. But, is that the reality or is it just a fairy tale?

Usually, when couples get married, they realize that marriage is more than the things they have imagined. So, in this article, we offer you a list of things couples learn during their first year of marriage.

1. Different Way of Communicating

This is not a stereotype, but it is clear that women are able to express their feelings much easier than men. Most of the arguments a man and a woman have would not happen if they understood what they were trying to say.

However, time will do its thing, and you will start understanding each other more and more with each day.

2. Being Weird Together is Good

Most couples like acting weird. They believe that doing everything normally and talking normally all the time would be extremely boring. That is why some prefer talking like monsters or kids when they are in a funny mood. Some even play air drums after everything they say.

3. Disagreements Are Normal

It is not just rainbows and butterflies, you will have many disagreements, and sometimes even serious fights. You may start talking about something small, but they may end in a huge fight, and you should accept it.

Anyway, it would be good to learn how to discuss the disagreement and find a solution on the same day.

4. Who Mentioned Secrets?

There are things that people say always stay a secret. But, most married couples like sharing things with each other. They usually know a lot about each other and each other’s exes. The most important thing, in this case, is to accept everything because it may strengthen the relationship.

5. Starting a Family

Having children is happiness, at least for most couples. However, some couples prefer waiting for a few years before starting a family. They want to spend more time alone and get to know each other.

6. Routines Are Not on the List

No matter how hard you try, you cannot follow a routine all the time. There will be disruptions. Most lovebirds believe that being in a marriage is all about going to work together, coming home, having dinner, watching a movie, and going to bed.

Sorry, folks, but marriage is not a fairy tale. There will be things that are unexpected such as getting stuck in traffic, a visit from an old friend, a sudden meeting at work, and so on.

But, do not worry! You can make an agreement with your partner to have one day in the week to spend quality time with each other, and that will make up for everything.

7. A Balance Between Being Independent and Interdependent With Your Partner

This is a very important lesson. In marriage, you learn that you are not supposed to forget about yourself. You and your partner should not be one person, but you need to be different individuals in order to function well.

Having different qualities, opinions, and understandings is good for you and your relationship.

8. Discussing Finances

Since marriage is not all about hugs and kisses, as a couple you will have to learn how to deal with finances together. Most couples prefer to discuss and have an agreement about the way they are going to spend the money.

9. Your Spouse is Not a Mind Reader

If you think that your partner will know what you think only because it is in your mind, you are lying to yourself. Keep in mind that you have to say what you mean if you want to be understood.

10. Paying Attention Matters

Today it is easy to get distracted, so you need to take care of that. Whenever you are having a conversation, you need to put down the phone and listen to your spouse talking.

Of course, these are not the only lessons married couples learn after the first year together, there are many others. Anyway, we hope that these ten things will help you have a better relationship with your partner.