Cold Water Vs Warm Water: Which One is Better For Consumption?

What Is Better for Your Health - Cold Water or Warm Water?

What people need to know is that our morning habit is of great importance. Yes, believe it or not, it actually is. The first thing we consume right after we wake up can have an enormous impact on our health.

Once we wake up, do we have the usual routine as most people and reach for coffee or do we have a big glass of cold water?

Know what the better option is? Certainly, it’s water, but is it warm or cold? According to studies drinking warm water provides many health benefits and that is actually the best way to start our day.

Surprised? Read on, to find out more.

4 Reasons to Drink Warm Water

1. Weight Loss

It’s a well-known fact that water can help you lose weight. However, it turns out that drinking warm water is even better. The Journal of Natural Science, Biology and Medicine published a study on this topic.

The focus of this study was on a group of overweight women. These women were given a big amount of warm water. Based on the results, these women had a significant decrease in BMI, i.e., body mass index, appetite, and weight.

Therefore, start your day with a glass of warm water, and add some lemon juice if you want, to boost your metabolism and support the weight-loss process.

2. Improve Circulation

Consuming warm water on a daily basis actually improves the flow of blood in your circulatory system. According to science, once the body is exposed to warm temperatures, the flow of blood increases dramatically.

After, it returns to normal and begins to elevate gradually, the longer it is actually exposed to warm temperature. To be more clear, warm water improves circulation simply by warming your body.

3. Improve Bowel Movements

Drinking warm water on an empty stomach will stimulate the colon to have better bowel movements. Moreover, it helps set the body to better absorb the food throughout the day. This habit will help remove the waste from your colon regularly, thus preventing toxic buildup in your body.

4. Help Relieve Pain

Warm water helps in case of dry and irritated throats. Consuming warm water can help lower the swelling in the throat, and that can lead to temporary relief of pain. Moreover, warm water can help soothe cramps simply by relaxing the stomach muscles. So, drink some warm water the next time you have a stomachache or a sore throat.

4 Reasons to Avoid Cold Water

  1. Your body actually expends energy when you have cold water instead to heat it and use it up.
  2. The cold water actually constricts the blood vessels, and that lowers hydration.
  3. Coldwater creates excess mucus in your respiratory system. That can increase the risk of throat infection and cause congestion.
  4. Drinking cold water might cause the body to work hard in order to digest food. It’s like that since the cold water solidifies the fats found in the bloodstream.

Did you know these facts about cold and hot water? What type of water do you usually drink?