Touching Christmas Ad Made for Only £50 Goes Viral and Leaves Everyone in Tears

Touching Christmas Ad Made for Only £50 Goes Viral and Leaves Everyone in Tears

As time changes, our holiday tradition progresses. Nowadays, as part of the festive season as falling asleep in front of the TV with food on your chest, competitions of mince pie eating, Boxing Day sales also comes the Christmas advert.

You see these adverts are everywhere. Starting from the tradition truck of Coca-Cola, the John Lewis ads to the banned advert of Iceland this year. You can see the advert below.

But one Christmas advert stands out of the crowd; it’s the Sainsbury advert. Most adverts have one thing in common, and that is big, enormous budges. Christmas marketing is a big business.

This year there are a few big adverts which hope to attract a piece of the market.

But at the same time, there are some other businesses which do not have such huge budgets, and they work with limited resources.

And they show that you do not need millions of dollars to make a good Christmas as you just need a good idea and a modest amount of money. One person who shows this is the 32-year-old filmmaker, Phil Beastall.

He made a film with the title “Love is a Gift.” This film shows a man counting down the days to Christmas. But he has his own tradition.

He listens to a cassette on his Walkman to hear a special message from his dear mother. Watch the video and state your opinion.

Ok, ok dry your eyes. It is emotional, but at the same time, it’s heartwarming.

Since the realizing of this film, the film made has been inundating with different messages which say that this film should have been used instead of the Elton John Lewis advert which is worth £7 million.

While others suggested that this person should make their next advert for Christmas. What do you think? Do you think you can still make a good ad with a small budget?