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No One is Too Busy. It Just Depends What Number We are On Their Priority List

No One Is Always Busy. It Just Depends What Number We Are On Their Priority List.

When we hear the phrase “I just don’t have time,” it most likely means that we are not a priority. That phrase is just not true. Why? People have the time; they just don’t want to spend it with certain people. They will always find time for things that matter to them.

That is why they sacrifice those things or people who are not that important to them. It is actually really simple.

Therefore, the next time you hear someone say to you “I’m too busy, I don’t have time,” what you should be hearing is “You are just not that important.”

The Importance of Time

Time is the most valuable and most precious thing which you can receive or give. Time is actually among the rare things in the world which you cannot buy. We only have a certain amount of time in our life, that is why we want to use most of it the right way.

This is why people are very picky about who they spend their time with. Surely no one wants to spend time on things or people who don’t matter. So why would you waste time on someone who obviously doesn’t care about you?

Sharing Your Time While in a Relationship

Being in a relationship and in love, means making certain compromises. One such compromise is that you are going to have to make your own time.

You need to understand that once you get into a relationship, your time is no longer just your own. In order to have a strong and healthy relationship, you will need to share your time with your partner.

That means that you will consciously need to make time for your partner. Also, this means that you will have to make plans for the future and try to fit your partner in those plans.

Yes, time might be tricky, but you can surely make an effort to manage it well, especially if you have to do it for someone you love.

Generally speaking, in life it’s essential for a person to practice effective time management. This will later help in life with romantic relationships.

Making Time for Your Partner Makes You a Good Partner

When you love someone, you should be ready to devote time to that specific person. You should be ready to drop anything if your significant other needs help. You should be ready to reschedule appointments in case your partner is feeling vulnerable and lonely.

Be ready to spend a lot of time together in order to make an emotional connection which you will both need in order to sustain the strength of the relationship.

Bear this in mind, the amount of time you invest in your relationship is correlated to how powerful the affection for one another is.

Is Your Partner Too Busy?

If you are in a relationship with a person, who almost always is too busy for you, then you should stop for a moment. Stop for a moment and ask yourself “ What would I do?”

You would make time, cause your partner means to you, and he/she is a priority. If you don’t get the same thing in return, then you need to change something.

If your partner is too busy to make time for you, what your partner is saying is that there are more important things than you.

Relationships Take Time

Remember that you should be respectful of your partner’s space and freedom. Every relationship is much healthier when both people use their free time for the better of the relationship. What you should do is simply spend time with each other.

Bear in mind that love needs time to reach its peak. The only way to have a real and strong connection is to invest time in your relationship. To make a love prosper and grow, you need a lot of dedication, effort, and time.


Never underestimate the importance of time in a romantic relationship. You need to make time for your partner, and your significant other should do the same for you.

In case you believe that you need more time from your partner, don’t hesitate to ask for it. Don’t be afraid to demand more attention, affection, and time. Ask to be a priority; you deserve that.

Remember, nobody is too busy; it’s just a matter of priorities.

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