How to Beat the Odds After a Tough Childhood

How to Beat the Odds After a Tough Childhood

For those who have gone through a rough childhood; for those who’ve lost hope. How bad does our childhood have to be for us to believe that we’ll have a bad life as an adult?

Well, some people study that topic. In fact, that question has been answered by the ACES, i.e., Adverse Childhood Experiences Study.

The authors of the study made a definition of precisely how lousy your childhood had to be before you became toast for the rest of your life. They have named around ten serious risk factors.

Serious risk factors are molestation, divorce, a drug-abusing or alcoholic parent, mental illness in a family member, and violence at home. Then they asked thousands of kids to see what the influence of these risk factors would be.

They have discovered that in case you had 4 or more risk factors, your chances for a bad life were high and the one for happiness low.

But, what you need to remember is that these are just probabilities, statistics, and numbers. They do not assess all the positive things, events, and people that can happen and save you.

You can even have a score of 8, and that cannot mean anything. That doesn’t mean that you cannot be big in life. It doesn’t have to mean that you will suffer from depression, become an alcoholic, be unable to raise a family, or earn a living.

The strikes are not against you. Even if you had a psychotic mother or an abusive, alcoholic father, still you can succeed in life. Even if your parents have divorced, you can still have a long and healthy marriage.

Even if you saw your mother abused, that doesn’t mean that you will become an abuser. Even if you took care of yourself in times when your parents were lost in drinking, that doesn’t mean that you won’t be able to take care of your kids.

Sure, you had a rough childhood, but that doesn’t mean that you cannot be in a happy marriage or have a happy life. You can still be happily married, with great kids being an excellent parent.

You can still be successful in life. Some psychiatrists had a rough childhood, and now they are best-selling authors of books. These people give talks all over the world people go to listen to them, and still, they had a rough childhood.

They were not studying or watching that life, they were living it, just like you. But that shouldn’t stop you down. You can bet the odds, and you can do it on a daily basis.

Do you know how you can beat the odds? You can win the race. You can be the winner, and say regardless of what happened to me; I can still do good in life.

What can save you, can be said in only one word. Yes, just one world. What is that word? The big word is LOVE!

Yes, love in its many different places and faces, lasting love, brief love, love on purpose, love by chance, love on the fly, broken love that got fixed, every time of love.

Remember that love is the greatest difference-maker in life. The best thing is that it is infinite and free in supply. Yes, sometimes it can be hard to find it, and sadly there are those who fear it.

There are ways to overcome injustice, deprivation, bad luck, prejudicial behaviors, random evil, and mistreatment while growing up.

Beyond love their other ways you can still do big in life. You should learn how to forgive, keep up with friends, get a pet, and root for yourself.

Only then you will feel great humility and amazement at how inexplicable the happy outcome can be. It will happen out of the blue. All of a sudden you will have a clear, blue sky in front of you.

Work on yourself to join the many who enjoy this beautiful blue sky!