5 Thigh Exercises for Perfect Legs

5 Thigh Exercises for Perfect Legs

Many people have to constantly sit at work. They have to sit all day every day. There is no way they can stay active at the office, when they are studying, or driving. That is why it is best to do some easy exercises when they are at home.

Besides, with these activities, they can lose some excess fat, especially on the back. Here are some exercises we could all try to lose that fat on the glutes, hips, and thighs.

Exercise No.1: Pile Squat

This exercise can be very effective for the glutes and inner thighs. It can be useful for burning that excess fat and strengthening your leg muscles. If you are sitting all the time, this is an easy exercise you have to try.

How to Do It

Stand with your legs apart and place your arms around your waist. Now, slowly bend your body as if you are trying to sit on a chair. Pretend as if you are sitting and hold this position with a straight back. Now, repeat the process a couple more times.

Exercise No. 2: Step-Out Squat

For this exercise, you will need a resistance band. Wrap it around your ankles to boost the resistance with every step.

How to Do It

Stand with your legs close together and your back straight. Now place your arms on your thighs and stretch your left leg while you bend the right leg at a 90-degree angle. Transfer your weight to your right leg and hold this position for a few seconds.

Now repeat the process with the other leg and keep doing this exercise for a few minutes.

Exercise No. 3: Plank Position Leg Lift

This easy move can help you burn the lower body fat. All you have to do is practice this position for some time to get lasting effects.

How to Do It

Lie on the ground face down. With your arms lift your body from the ground and stand firmly in this position. Now slowly lift each leg like in the picture below. Do this exercise for a few minutes every day.

Exercise No. 4: Fire Hydrant

This is also an easy exercise that can help you lose weight. This pose engages the lower part of the body. It warms up the muscles, hips, and buttocks and can help burn some fat. The key to making it work is to hold the body in balance.

How to Do It

Start on all fours with the hands placed a shoulder-distance apart. Stack your knees below the hips. Now lift the left leg to the right side bent at a 90-degree angle. But, make sure not to lift the legs too high.

Stay within your comfort zone and hold this position for a couple of seconds. Now, repeat the procedure with the other leg.

Exercise No. 5: Leg Lift

Now, this is an exercise you will definitely love. It will strengthen the muscles and help you lose some fat.

How to Do It

To do it, simply lie on the side and lift your leg like in the picture below.

Hold this position for as long as you can, or until you feel your muscles strengthen.

Important Note: To achieve the desired effect, do these exercises two days per week for 15 repetitions. This way you can burn the excess fat on your lower body.