10 Things Most People Take A Lifetime To Learn

10 Life Lessons You Need to Learn Today

Everyone at least once in their life needs to have a wake-up call. After reading this text, you’re going to have yours. There is the no better time than this moment right now, to take a second and re-evaluate your priorities and life. Remember, better late than never. Read the 10 lessons below which often […]

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170 Million Americans are Drinking Radioactive Water – This Interactive Map Shows If You Are Too

A new recent investigation brought shocking news. More than 50% of America’s drinking water is radioactive! It contains 2 major radioactive compounds that can cause cancer, such as chromium-6 and radium. A subject people don’t talk a lot about is the drinking water problem. As a result, a group of independent investigators tried to shed […]

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This Is What ‘Self-Care’ REALLY Means, Because It’s Not All Salt Baths and Chocolate Cake

A Lesson in What 'Self-Care' Really Means

Do you know the real meaning of self-care? It’s not always a beautiful thing, involving organizing your debts, cooking yourself healthy meals, and enforcing a morning routine, instead of just ignoring your problems. Most of the time, self-care means doing the most unpleasant things you have to do, such as telling a fake friend you […]

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