To the Women Who Try Hard to Keep the Man Who Doesn’t Deserve Them

To the Women Who Try Hard to Keep the Man Who Doesn't Deserve Them

One of the hardest things for one woman to admit is that the man she loves doesn’t treat her right and doesn’t deserve her. It is one of the hardest, but at the same time, it’s one of the bravest things.

Admitting it to yourself is the first step of freedom and healing. You see, for some women, this might sound silly because they haven’t experienced it. Some people see women being mistreated by their significant others and they judge them.

You can know them personally and understand the many things they are going through; you can tell that they are smart and that they are aware of how their partner treats them.

They do not have to depend in any way of their partners, so nothing didn’t stop them from leaving them. You might not understand why these women stay, you might think they are cowards, but you should not judge them.

Why? Because no one is safe from this and you, yourself can become one of them. And not know it. You might not understand what other women are fighting for until you are fighting for the same thing as well.

You will think that you are a lucky person for having a great man next to you, a man who deserves you. You can love your partner deeply, and your relationship will eventually become serious.

You won’t hide your feelings from him and from the people around him, and he might change at the moment when he is sure in you. Usually, these men first start with belittling their partner, then the other types of emotional abuse begin.

Are you one of them? Did the cheating happen many times?

Don’t be ashamed, my dear, you are not to blame for being in this situation. This isn’t love; you know that deep down. Also, you know that things shouldn’t be like this, you know that he doesn’t deserve you, because he isn’t treating you right.

But you just stay and do not take the needed steps to leave him. As a matter of fact, you might try to keep him even closer. You might be scared that you will never love a man the way you love him.

You know your worth, and you know that he doesn’t deserve you. For some women, it takes years to admit the truth. Don’t be scared that no man will love you as he does. Love isn’t supposed to be this way, do not believe him that he loves you.

He probably made you believe that all man are the same, but you should know that it isn’t true. Another thing that makes most women stay is the history they have and all the years they spent together.

The thing is that women stay because they do not want to let go. Don’t think about your past together, think of the happy years that are waiting for you if you leave him. Maybe you have tried leaving him more than once.

But perhaps you didn’t want to leave him, but for him to chase you. Probably him chasing you is what you see as a sign of love. He will chase you, but not because he loves you but because he needs someone to manipulate emotionally.

And, my dear, listen, you will find a man who you will love much more than the one you have now — a man who will show you that love should be easy and good. And no, they aren’t all the same.

Take baby steps, and you will get there. Believe in yourself. Remember this; you have what it takes to choose yourself and to walk away. It might be hard and painful, but it will be worth it.

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