Women, Stop Giving Damn About the Man Who Doesn’t Care Enough to Commit

Women, Stop Giving Damn About the Man Who Doesn't Care Enough to Commit3

She loves him. Out of the blue and when she least expected it he appeared and changed everything for the better. Suddenly, she felt alive, as she is capable of love. She felt that she has so much to give, and she did it.

She gave him everything she has without asking for something in return. Ok, maybe she expected something, but it was only love, time, respect and energy — the same things she was investing.

Sounds familiar? But as suddenly as he appeared in your life, he backed off. Then the inevitable questions come: “What did I do? What is going on with him? Is he scared?”

You see, my dear, us women we want to sugarcoat some things. In such cases, we always say that maybe he felt that he loved us and he got scared and backed off.

This is how we are lying to ourselves, even you deep down in your soul know that isn’t why he backed off. Let’s stop lying to ourselves and face reality. Does he love you? Yes.

Does he want you? Yes. He wants you and loves you, but not enough to commit to you.

He loves to hang out with you, he laughs at your jokes and comments, he enjoys those passionate nights you both have, but he, my dear, he isn’t ready to be in a committed relationship.

Or maybe he is ready, but he doesn’t want one with you. He shows interest and backs off. This can be very confusing. But that is how he makes you stay. That is his trick. He is attentive one moment and then the next you are no one to him.

But he will come back again, just to show you love like never before. You get addicted to this, and before you know it, you are in a pattern which you cannot escape. But it’s about time; you be real to yourself.

The truth is that he likes you, but he doesn’t want you enough to be in a committed relationship with you. He wants you in his life, and he will probably do whatever possible to keep you until the real thing comes along.

You do not want that right? Well, there is one thing you should remember. And that is that you must leave. My dear, you should not be with someone who treats you as you are not good enough.

Leave anyone who wants to be with you, but does not want to be exclusive with you. Why would you want someone like that? You shouldn’t be with someone who after a fantastic day, week or month with you disappears for days.

You should leave him if he strings you alone, and refuses to put any label on your relationship. Leave that person who tells you they miss you and yet do nothing to see you.

You shouldn’t waste your time on someone you likes you, but not enough. Yes, you should leave him, and you shouldn’t take it personally that he isn’t ready to commit.

You did your best; it is his fault, he is the one who loses. The truth can hurt, but in the end, the lies will hurt much more remember that. The right person will never make you question yourself and your value.

And that hurt you are feeling it is due to your ego, so do not let it fool you. It can suck, but hey you cannot force someone to love you. What can you do? You can work to be the best possible version of yourself, and let go of those people who do not see your worth.

You see my dear; he is just a lesson and not the love of your life. But thanks to this lesson, you will appreciate more the man of your life.

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