Why Women with Anxiety Are the Strongest People We Know

Why Women with Anxiety Are the Strongest People We Know

The strongest women usually struggle with anxiety. Yes, being strong isn’t easy, and anxiety is common. Strong women who have been battling with anxiety will continue to do so bravely.

She is strong enough to understand that she won’t be the victim of her own issues and mental struggle. In her heart, she knows that she is much more in comparison to her own demons. She doesn’t let anxiety define her.

A strong woman who has anxiety has learned over time to keep her chin up in times when chaos is in her mind. In her vocabulary, the word weakness does not exist.

She is a strong woman since she can survive the battlefield which is her life. She is a strong woman because she can deal with anxiety which takes a lot of courage to go through on a daily basis.

She is strong since she manages to function even though she is tired. Still, she finds ways to stay calm when her heart is racing. Her determination helps her push forward.

She understands how crucial it is not to give up since she has a lot to give and cannot let her condition dictate her life goals. The strong woman who has anxiety has dreams and goals just like the rest, and she just wants a chance to achieve them.

Sometimes her anxiety wins, but that doesn’t stop her she fights back and ensures to get back on her feet fastly. Combating with anxiety takes the life out of her, but she doesn’t give up.

Even when she feels like drowning she understands that this is temporary and she does her best to ride the wave until the fear in her mind is gone.

You see, the woman with anxiety is the strongest woman out there since even when her palms are sweaty and shaking, and even she cannot see a thing in front of her, she grabs onto hope.

In those times she waits for the light to come back and until then she takes a deep breath. You have to know a thing or two about her. The truth is that she is brave, strong-willed and intelligent.

Even when she feels as she cannot bear what anxiety throws in her face, she dares to remind herself that she is stronger than this. She understands that she is important to the people who love her and most importantly to herself.

She will never take the easy way out. She understands that for herself she must show up every day and do her best to get through the day, she owns this to herself. To try!

It can be hard, but she refuses to give the power to her anxiety. She has the power! It takes a lot of resilience and inner power to navigate the world in times when anxiety acts like your shadow.

She knows that her bravery will eventually conquer her anxiety, that is why she doesn’t give up. That is why she shows up every day!

And if you have anxiety, you should do the same! Do it for yourself!

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