When a Strong Woman Says Goodbye There’s No Turning Back

When a Strong Woman Says Goodbye There's No Turning Back

Are you a good partner, boyfriend or husband? Have you tried to make your woman happy and proud to have you? When was the last time that you have said something nice to her, like “Thank you” and “I am lucky to have you”?

When was the last time you bought her flowers for no reason whatsoever? When was the last time you’ve made something romantic, like a picnic in the park or dinner under the stars?

Do you even try? If you can’t think when was the last time you did something for her, you need to wake up. Open your eyes; you are losing your partner and soulmate. Wake up and do something before it is too late.

Yes, most women are patient and forgiving. This is something that is in the nature of almost every woman. They have a high tolerance for many things, but you need to realize that they have their limitations.

When it comes to women, one thing is certain, when their patience breaks, there is no returning. For this to happen, the woman has been tolerating lousy behavior so long time.

She might need longer to make the decision, but once she does nothing can change that, she stands by her choices and decisions. Usually, this refers to relationships and dating. In the beginning, you might think that she has limitless patience.

She will forgive you, she will understand you. You might disappoint her, make her feel bad, but somehow, surprisingly she will find a way to forgive and choose you over her.

Yes, most women try to be understanding of their partner, but they ask the same thing in return.

If she can find a place in her heart to forgive you, you should find a place in your own to understand that at the end of the day she is a human being and she can be weak too.

However, once your significant other decides that she won’t tolerate you anymore, be certain that she will walk away and not look back. She won’t change her mind, so you need to do your best and not get to this point of the relationship.

Don’t take her patience, love, forgiveness, and hope for granted, because you will regret it. Before you lose her, try your best to change her mind.

If you see that she is beginning to grow tired of you, change the way you act around her and the way you treat her, and once she sees the chance, she will begin to believe in you again.

Use this to repair whatever bonds you may have broken and damaged with your recklessness and clumsiness. So, when it comes to your relationship, you should stay on top of the game. Ensure you are treating her right and making her a priority.

Remember, it is never too late to change. But you should make the change, while she is with you. Don’t be so confident that she will come back to you anytime you want. You might change, but once she is gone, she is gone for good.

Don’t be naïve, if she made the decision to leave you, most likely she has put a lot of thought into that. So, this is the final decision. Probably, your significant other found it hard to let you go, but you know what, she did it anyway.

This woman is very well aware that this is a hard and difficult process. Therefore, she isn’t going through the same thing over and over again. Detachment is no easy task, but once she has detached from you entirely, there is no coming back.

She isn’t going to attach herself to you again. You are in the past, and the only goal she has now is to look ahead. To her, you are now a lesson and part of the past. And the past should stay in the past.

Once she thinks about it, she will realize that you didn’t try to give her a reason to stay. So, why would she change her mind now? Probably, she has given you many chances already and what did you do? You blew every single chance.

Are you worthy of all the trouble? At first, it might be hard for her to leave you, but after the feeling of relief and freedom comes. After a while, she will get her rhythm going, and she won’t worry about leaving you.

She will focus on her goals, dreams, and life. Yes, she might find it tempting to give your love another try, but the fresh and clean start will look much better and promising. And this is all thanks to you being immature to commit.

This is all thanks to this bad experience she had with you. Life gives you another chance, and it is called tomorrow. And guess what, you are not part of it. So wake up, take some action and keep the love alive.

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