According to the Woman Who Foresaw the 9/11, There Are Some Bad News for the World

Probably you have heard about Baba Vanga. Her full name was Vangeliya Pandeva Dimitrova. She was born in Strumica, Yugoslavia, and after a year the city was taken from Bulgaria. In addition, she was a blind woman who was interested in herbs, and she was a mystic as well psychic.

She managed to predict the conflicts in Syria successfully, the division of Crimea, the reunification of West and East Germany, the date of Stalin’s and Tsar Boris III’ death, the election of Boris Yeltsin, the WW2, the 2004 Boxing Day Tsunami, 9/11, Obama’s election, the Kursk nuclear submarine catastrophe and many other.

Additionally, at the age of 12, Vanga lost her vision. And, she got through a storm although covered in dirt and stones. Baba Vanga’s first predictions were made at the age of 16, at the time she helped her dad to find a lost sheep. In order to do so, she explained her father in details in which yard was the sheep.

Moreover, this woman was among the most popular prophets of the Balkans. When people heard about her ability, they came to her; even Hitler visited her. It is interesting that back in 1942 and 1943, she got a visit from King Boris III, and Baba Vanga informed him that he would pass away on 28th of August, 1943.

And, the king did die on the exact same date. Besides her many predictions, Baba Vanga predicted that in 2018, China would be the new world power.

Furthermore, among the predictions is that in 2023 the orbit of the Earth would change, and it would set a fire in the “Middle East,” and melt the poles. Also, baba Vanga foresaw that there would be a new source of energy, and there would be an increased world hunger between 2025-2028.

Likewise, she predicted that in Syria there would be an Islamic War in 2043. So, the most interesting prediction is that there will not be any living species on the planet Earth in 3797.

Baba Vanga died on 11th of August in 1996 after losing the fight against breast cancer. And, there were a lot of people at her funeral including influential ones.

Baba Vanga’s Successful Predictions

1. Divison of Crimea

2. Syria’s conflicts

3. Stalin’s death

4. The separation of Czechoslovakia

5. Boris Yeltsin’s election

6. The reunification of East and West Germany

7. The separation of Yugoslavia

8. The WW2

9. The Chernobyl catastrophe

10. Tsar Boris’ death

11. The separation of the Soviet Union

12. The election of Barack Obama (44th president of the USA would be African American)

13. A Muslim War

14. The Boxing Day Tsunami, 2004

15. 9/11 disaster

16. The Global warming

17. The Kursk nuclear submarine catastrophe

Baba Vanga’s Future Predictions

1. Although no one knows what it means the orbit of the Earth would change in 2023.

2. The population in Europe would be 0 till 2025.

3. In 2028 humans would get to planet Venus to find new energy.

4. With the melting of the polar ice, the levels of water would rise till 2033.

5. In 2043, the capital of Europe would be Rome, and the world economy would be under Muslim rule.

6. In 2076 the communism would return to Europe and the world.

7. In 2066 the USA would utilize a new climate change weapon to regain Rome and bring back Christianity.

8. In 2084 Nature would be reborn, although no one knows what does this mean.

9. In 2100, people would create a Sun that would eliminate the darkness (since 2008 scientists are trying to invent a sun)

10. In 2130 people would be able to live underwater and with the help of Aliens.

11. In 2170, there would be a huge global drought.

12. In 2187 two huge volcanic eruptions would stop.

13. In 2201 the temperatures would be lower because of the sun’s thermonuclear processes slowing down.

14. In 2262, a comet would threat Mars. Also, the orbits of the planets would change.

15. In 2480 two of the human-made suns would hit, and there will be a complete darkness.

16. In 3005 there would win a war on Mars that would change the trajectory of the planet.

17. In 3010 a comet would crash into the moon, and our planet would be surrounded by ash and rock.

18. Until the year of 3797, there would be no life on Earth. However, humans would be capable of moving to another star system.

19. In 3803, people would populate a new planet.

20. In 3805 as a result of war for resources, half of the people would die. The war would end in 3815.

21. In 3854 the civilization development would stop.

22. In 3871 there would become a new prophet that would tell people about religion and moral values.

23. In 3874 there would be a new church, and the new prophet would get support from every part of the population.

24. In the world, there would be new cities. And, in 4302 the new church would encourage the development of science as well as new technology.

25. In 4302 the scientists would reveal the total effect of every illness in the organism.

26. In 4304 there would be a cure for every illness.

27. In 4308, due to a brain mutation, people would use 34% of their brains.

28. In 4509, people would be able to contact God.

29. In 4599 people would be immortal.

30. In 4674 the civilization would be very developed. Also, there would be 340 billion people living on planets, and they would communicate with aliens.

31. In 5076 the Universe would have limits.

32. in 5078 about 40 percent of people would reject crossing the limits of the Universe.

33. In 5079 the World would end.

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