Wife Surprises Husband in Heartwarming Pregnancy Announcement

Krista and Eric are a couple who’d been trying to start a family for five years. But, nothing seemed to work for them as they couldn’t get pregnant. After years of trying they started losing their hope that they will be parents one day.

This became a very hard topic of conversation for them, so they started realizing that maybe that was their fate. Krista even told Erik that it’s ok if they never have kids as having him is enough for her.

And, the moment they accepted the fact that they might never be pregnant, God answered their prayers.

It was the perfect timing as Erik just got a new job, and his wife found out she was pregnant. But, she decided to surprise him, so she didn’t tell him right away. She took him to dinner and handed him a present, saying she hopes it would be useful for his new job.

She bought him a fanny pack as he had always joked that he’d be the dad who will bring them back.

But, that wasn’t everything, and Krista made sure she captured this heartwarming moment on tape.

While Erik is unwrapping the present and opening the pack, he doesn’t know that what he finds inside the pack will change his life. Once he sees the pregnancy test and realizes it’s positive, he loses it.

He can’t hold his tears, and you can see the difficult journey they’ve been through by the look of his face. After five years of love and faith, their biggest dream is finally coming true! We can’t say anything but congratulations to this wonderful couple.

They are proof that you should never lose hope or stop trying until you get what your heart desires.

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