6 Ways the Girl with a Narcissistic Ex Loves Differently

6 Ways the Girl with a Narcissistic Ex Loves Differently

Being with a narcissistic partner can change us a lot. It makes us doubt ourselves and everything we have ever believed. It diminishes our self-confidence until we are completely dependent on them.

It makes us lose our friends and doubt them, manipulating us with their vicious “skills.” The worst part is that we are not aware that it is happening to us.

So, can you imagine how much mental strength you need to realize that you are the victim of narcissistic abuse and finally leave that person for good?

The woman that survives her narcissistic partner is stronger than before, but she is forever changed because she was once destroyed. Now, she loves differently than she used to because of her trauma.

This can be confusing for her new partner who’s nothing like the man she used to be with. But, how can anyone blame her? Here are a few ways the woman who was destroyed by a narcissistic partner loves differently.

1. She Doesn’t Trust So Easily

This woman was betrayed by her last partner so many times that she can no longer trust someone easily. She is afraid that her new partner might try to manipulate or lie to her at any moment. Her terrible experience is the reason for her trusting issues.

2. She Apologizes Even When She Doesn’t Have To

The woman who was in a relationship with a narcissist was made to believe that everything was her fault. He did this by manipulating her until she believed she was the reason for all of their fights and problems.

That’s why she is now apologizing for everything, even if something is not her fault.

3. She Keeps Distance

Being a victim of a narcissist makes her terrified that she is going to be hurt once again. That’s why she prefers to keep some distance even though she loves someone with all her heart. She does this to protect herself.

4. She Feels the Need to Be Protected

The narcissist in her life lied to her that he is going to keep her safe. Instead, he was the one who hurt her the most. Therefore, this woman still feels unsafe and needs someone that will make her feel calm.

5. She Is Always Expects Something Bad to Happen

This woman knows that happiness comes with sadness, at least that’s what her previous relationship thought her. So, things can do great in her current relationship but she will still expect things to turn wrong at any moment.

6. She Doesn’t Understand When Someone Is Treating Her Right

The woman who was once treated like trash needs time before she can accept that someone wants to treat her with respect and love. That’s why she might be suspicious in the beginning.

The woman who’s been hurt by a narcissist might be cold and distant in the beginning, but that’s only because she is afraid and wants to protect herself from another manipulative narcissist.

But, with the right love, respect, and attention, she will love openly one day with all of her heart.