“A New Virus” Spreading Like Wildfire Across U.S. Population

“Mystery Virus” Spreading Like Wildfire Across U.S. Population

We can all agree that a cough can be annoying, particularly when it keeps people up at night. But it’s comforting to know that it goes away fast. Sadly, things have changed since there is a new virus around.

And that virus is turning to what is usually a week-long nuisance into a month-long experience and there are some speculations about its origin. Doctors around the nation are reporting about a spike in cases of people having a very unusual cough.

This cough is caused due to a virus and lasts from 4 to 6 weeks, and in rare cases, it lasts even longer. Dr. Gary Gross from Texas Health Dallas talks on this topic.

He said that at least one patient a day suffers from this specific virus, and according to him this lasts long without signs of getting better.

According to Dr, Gross this virus has no fast fix. Those people who have this virus have no choice; they need to let it run its course. However, there are some drugs which might help soothe a cough and they should take a lot of fluids and plenty of sleep.

Cincinnati’s emergency medicine specialists warned the public about this specific virus. They note that the virus caused a surge in patients with upper respiratory symptoms as shortness of breath, cough, and congestion.

Dr. Kenneth Patton from Bethesda North Hospital also talks on this topic. Dr. Patton describes the problems patients who have the virus have in breathing. He says that patients are retracting, so their ribs are doing a lot of work.

Their neck muscles are visible, and they have a hard time breathing. The biggest complaint of patients is that they are stuck in bed for weeks.

In order to avoid this virus, you must wash your hands all the time and stay at a distance to those who are sick. However, if you get it, you will have to wait it out.

What Is the Origin of This Virus?

Any time a new virus appears out of nowhere, a lot of people wonder if it is part of the depopulation bioweapon experiment.

Dr. Cyril Broderick, Plant Pathology Professor, has begun his belief that the Ebola virus was made and then released on purpose in Africa in order to be used as a weaponized virus.

Many other experts agreed with Dr.Broderick’s theory. Meanwhile, during the Zika outbreak, the authorties in Latin America advised women to avoid getting pregnant due to potential congenital disabilities.

Just the thought that depopulations efforts are happening is bolstered by the ongoing push to reduce human populations in the name of saving the planet from global warming and the testing of experimental drugs and vaccines in African nations.

On this topic, influential names such as Bill Gates have openly said that reducing the human population might help and be good for the planet. Also, The New York Times printed an editorial saying that the end of humanity would be good for the planet.

Also, pharmaceutical companies gain a lot in times of such outbreaks by making new medications and vaccines.

As a matter of fact, one team of researchers at Scripps Research Institute in California have made a deadly new bird flu strain which can infect people on the pretense of learning what this type of virus could do just to prepare for it.

They created mutations which allow the virus to make its way into lung cells in people.

Once you pay attention to everything that goes on in the world today, it is not strange to question whether depopulation efforts are actually behind viruses which emerge suddenly and mysteriously impact a big number of people.

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