7 Forms of Verbal Abuse in Romantic Relationships

7 Forms of Verbal Abuse in Romantic Relationships

Verbal abuse is a means of keeping power and control over someone. And the kinds of verbal abuse listed below are just ways someone tries to control and dominate their significant other.

You should know that verbal abuse prevents relationships from happening.

This appears obvious, but the partner of an abuser might imagine that they are having a real relationship. This might happen because as a couple the partner of the abuser and the abuser might function correctly in their roles.

Generally, verbal abusers experience most of their emotions like anger. For example, in case someone who is a verbal abuser feels anxious or ensure they might feel angry due to these feelings. Part of the journey of being human is the capability to feel.

This capability same as the one to think is actually universal to people. Sadly, the verbal abuse is unwilling to accept what he feels and talk about it with their partner. They build a wall and keep it that way.

There are different ways of verbal abuse. Read on and find out if you have a verbal abuser in your life.

7 Ways of Verbal Abuse

#1 Discounting

This is an attempt to deny that the one partner who is the victim has any right to their feelings or thoughts. This might come out as criticism but of a specific kind. You see, the abuser might tell their partner regularly that they are too childish and too sensitive.

Also that they tend to make big deals out of nothing and that they don’t have any sense of humor. This is how the abuser tries to deny the inner reality of the victim and in that way indirectly suggesting how they feel.

#2 Verbal Abuse Disguised as Jokes

Usually, the abuser says something very upsetting to their partner who is the victim, and after noticing their reaction, they may say that it was a joke. Remember one thing, abuse isn’t fine in any form, and jokes which hurt can be abusive.

#3 Withholding

This is manifested as withholding info and failure to share feelings and thoughts. An individual who withholds info refuses to be in a healthy relationship with their partner.

They refuse to share their thoughts or feelings. When the abuser shares something, usually it is useful info of the sort the victim could have read on Facebook, looked up online or figured out by themselves.

Such examples of withholding are: “I left the keys on the table” and “The car needs gas.”

#4 Undermining

This way of abuse happens when the abuser undermines everything which their partner suggests or says. Also making their partner question themselves and their interests and opinions.

#5 Blaming and Accusing

In this way of abuse, the abuser will actually accuse their partner of things which are out of their control. They might accuse their partner of stopping them of getting a promotion due to the fact that they are overweight.

Also, they might accuse them of ruining their reputation because they dropped out of school.

#6 Name Calling

This can be subtle or explicit. You see, explicit name-calling might consist in calling the victim very hurtful words.

However, it may also be more subtle, like when one says a thing which is implicitly hurtful, for example: “You believe you’re very precious, right?” or “You’re such a victim.”

#7 Abusive Anger

Understand that any single form of screaming and yelling, especially out of context is abusive. No single person deserves to be yelled at. Remember that!

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