8 Things People Do When They Have Been Broken Too Many Times

8 Things People Do When They Have Been Broken Too Many Times1

Many of us have had our heart broken, right? When that happens, people tend to act in a specific way. They need to remember that “OK, maybe I have had my heart broken too many times.

Perhaps I have been cheated on, lied to or taken advantage of, but I have to remember that I have survived.”

Others who do not understand that might think you have a lot of baggage or judge you, but they should bear in mind that broken people do certain things unconsciously.

Do you know what is that? Read on to find out.

8 Things Broken People Do Unconsciously

#1 They Are Alert for Good Reasons

These people have had their hearts broken too many times, so they are cautious. They have learned how to protect themselves and guard their heart after all the heartbreak and disappointments they have experienced.

#2 Kindness Means Everything to Them

To them it’s not just important how other people treat them, but how they treat everyone else, from their relative, friend all the way to the waiter at the restaurant and the cashier at the local store.

They are the type of people that shall always fall for kindness. Therefore, if someone is negative, rude and condescending, they won’t have any chance with them.

#3 They Do Not Reveal Their Feelings

Broken people tend to hold a lot in since they are guarded. They do not share too much personal information or reveal their feelings. It is like that until they are certain that they can trust some people.

Letting other people in after all the heartache and disappointment is a big step for them.

#4 They Want to Trust Others, But They’re Scared

Even if other people assured them many times that they aren’t going to hurt them, still they will keep the guard up. Broken people understand that they need to trust others until they have a reason not to, but their fear is stronger.

Only consistent people and those who do not give them a reason to question their intentions and feelings gain their trust.

#5 They See Everything – Bad & Good

If others start taking them for granted by acting cold or ignoring their texts and calls, they will notice it right away and react.

They punish the bad behavior of other people since they have been through all the bad things before, and avoid to be in the same situation once more.

#6 They Want to Take Things Slow, But Their Heart Takes Over

They want to take things slowly when they get into a new relationship. But sometimes, their heart overpowers their mind. When this happens, they become anxious and start overthinking.

#7 They Have Been Through the Words, But Still Have Hope

This is something for which they are extremely proud. Regardless of being hurt over and over again by love and people, they still have hope. They still hope that the day will come when they will find true love.

Hope dies last.

#8 They Have a Lot to Offer, and They Know It

Once they find the right person, they will love him or her unconditionally. They will love them with all they have. Only broken people who were hurt many times know how to love properly.

They may be broken, but they are the most loving and caring human beings. They are the bravest because they know they are survivors.

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