3 Things You Should Never Break: Promises, Trust, and…

3 Things You Should Never Break Promises, Trust, and…

Trust and promises – these are some things you should never break. They are so valuable that help identify your personality and nature as a human being. They make you feel like you are part of other people, part of something meaningful.

If you break them, you’ll be left with nothing to stand on. The third thing you should never break, however, is someone’s heart.

According to many sociologists and psychologists, a lot of people nowadays avoid too emotional and personal relationships to prevent themselves from being hurt, frustrated, disappointed, or to have their heart broken.

But, you can’t go through life without trust. Holding your emotions in as a way to save your emotional energy can only bring you superficial relationships. By trying to reduce your risk of being hurt, you choose harmless relationships over happiness.

But, is it worth to spend your life living in that cold entryway? Would you let something beautiful but fragile to germinate and stick?

Trust is an aspect of the human nature and a foundation of all human connections. It is one of the most valuable assets of people in all aspects of life. It takes time and effort to build it, but only a moment to break it.

It’s in your nature to feel the urge to trust people. You need it. Your body and mind need it. If you think about it, what can you win if you don’t trust anyone? Nothing.

Rebuilding trust after being broken is one of the most difficult and challenging things you can ever do. It takes years to build, and a second to be destroyed. Lost trust takes love, respect, friendship, and safety along with it. It leads to heartbreak and distress.

And, while parents teach their children to be careful not to break glass or other expensive items, they should start talking more about trust, respect, promises, and love. By not keeping their promises, parents teach their children that promises can be broken.

That’s why they should be careful what they say and what they do in front of their loved ones. Growing up without trusting your parents can leave a permanent scar that will shape your personality and behavior. It will also affect the way you relate to others.

Heart, love, respect, promises – they are all invisible but indispensable. The more you believe in others the more you believe in yourself. And, if people can’t trust you, how can they respect you? How can they love you?

Not keeping your promises means betraying someone. And, betrayal hurts and breaks their heart into pieces. Not telling the truth means lying. And, lying hurts.

So, it’s time to realize how important your promises are, and how important it is to listen to other people’s hearts. Learn how to give them the love, respect, and trust they deserve. Be trustworthy and know the people you can trust.

Respect them by telling them the truth and not breaking your promises to keep them close. They make the world better, happier, and more respectful place, so never let them go!

When trust is broken, there are a few things you can do to help rebuild it:

  • Take responsibility
  • Be patient and give that person time and space to vent
  • Don’t self-justify yourself and try to work out the matter asap
  • Discuss your reasons and open up about your feelings and struggles
  • Practice affection, attention, and appreciation
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