Learn These 7 Things That Narcissists Do To Manipulate & Use You

Do you know those people who do not ask for permission, but anyway they get under your skin, suck all your blood, and leave you hurt? Well, those are called narcissists, and they will never stop unless you do something.

These people are manipulative, selfish, and self-centered, they have no sense of empathy. You are just their pawn that helps them win the game. They want to conquer the world by using your own energy.

They will gain your trust, and you will believe everything they say. Since they are excellent players, you will become their victim. Sadly, if you do not open your eyes on time, they will hurt you deeply.

So, here are seven things that narcissists usually do in order to manipulate you.

1. They Put a Mask On

People who are narcissists never show their real face and emotions. They keep a mask in order to hide their true self. When they are sad, they do not cry. They are very careful because they do not want you to see their true personality.

2. They Want You to Compete

In order to get their attention, a narcissist will make you compete, and they are excellent in playing with the emotions of others. If you say that they are wrong about something, they will bring a third person to get their support.

Also, they will compare you with some other person, and of course, you will be the bad one. They use this way to make you question your own worth.

3. You Will Be Blamed

Narcissists believe that they are the best in everything, and they are never wrong about anything. So, as a result, you will be blamed for whatever goes wrong. They do not accept responsibility, you will be guilty even for their bad mood.

4. They Will Make You Feel Insecure

Narcissists always try to get under other people’s skin. So, when they succeed in that, and you open their heart to them and tell them everything about yourself, they will use it against you.

Since they enjoy scandals, they will spread rumors about your life. And, you end up asking yourself what went wrong.

5. Gaslighting Is Their Thing

When the gaslighting begins, you start doubting yourself, and you feel confused. They want you to feel like you do not have an identity, and like you have lost self-worth.

They want to be in control of your feelings, thoughts, and behaviors, so they will brainwash you to succeed in that.

6. Idealizing, Devaluation, Leaving

In the first phase, idealization, a narcissist will shower you with love and nice words. They will praise you, admire you, and make you feel like you are the center of their attention.

In the phase of devaluation, they will take off their mask, and will start criticizing you, play hot and cold, and you will end up feeling exhausted both physically and emotionally.

Finally, in the last phase, they will leave you. But, before they go, they will do horrible things to you, such as leave you for another person, blame you, humiliate you etc.

7. The Game Will Continue

If you believe that they may change, they will not. When they are done with you, they will find another victim, and they will never care if they may destroy their lives as well. Anyway, you need to be careful and do not let them manipulate and use you.

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