I Know It’s Tough Right Now, But Things Will Get Better!

Nothing makes sense to you right now, doesn’t it? You can’t understand why all of this happens to you, or process all of the wrong turns. You probably wish you could pack your problems and worries in a box and store it away, somewhere under your bed.

You want to give yourself a break from the pain and all the feelings and memories that have been hurting you for so long.

But, you can’t. The pain is still there, flowing through your veins heading right to the heart. You are hugging your knees, occasionally rocking back and forth on the ground with tears in your eyes which are the only way you can console your poor heart.

You still wait for something to happen or someone to come and take your pain away. You need someone to hug you, to warm your body that’s crushed from the pain and put all the broken pieces back together.

Nothing happens, but you are still hoping and waiting for a miracle. You don’t even need something big, but a tiny piece of something good to happen that will bring you back to life.

Something that will motivate you to get up and do something.

Until then, you are sitting in your cozy chair, waiting for the storm to pass. All you want it to feel good again.

Don’t ever lose hope. Soon, it’ll get better. Your time will come, and you’ll smile again. You will again feel the sunrays that will warm your body and heart. But, until then, you’ll need to have patience.

It’ll hurt a lot, but remember that it’ll eventually end. The pain will disappear, and you’ll be happy again.

When you go to bed tonight, the pain may still be there. You’ll have to fall asleep one more night with this feeling that breaks your heart. But, as you fall asleep, the pain will hopefully fade away. Your dream will be your sanctuary again.

But, soon you’ll no longer need a sanctuary. Your time will soon come, and things will get better! They must be!

Until then, please believe that everything will be ok. Think about something good and believe in it until the pain is gone. Remember that you are stronger than the pain you feel. The awful feeling that hurts you won’t last forever!

You won’t cry forever! The tears will end, so as the pain. A day will come when you’ll feel like yourself again, and it’ll be soon. You are going to be fine, and your heart will be full of love again. Remember this every time you want to give up.

You are stronger than you think! Don’t let the pain beat your mind and heart! Don’t let it win this battle. Be patient and believe that you’ll soon be happy and fulfilled again. Until then, take care of your health, your body, and heart!

And, don’t forget that you are going through the most challenging experience in your life, and once it passes, you’ll be stronger than ever! Nothing would break your heart and spirit, and you’ll be stronger than others!

You’ll be able to handle every hurdle life throws at you in future! You will make it, just be patient!

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