10 Things You Do Because Of Your Anxiety (That Others Are Blind To)

People with anxiety will definitely find themselves in this article. Some may even feel like they have written the content. While, other people who will read it, will be able to understand and learn more about the anxiety of the people they know and care about.

For those who do not know, anxiety does not represent just nervousness, introversion, and shyness. In fact, it is a tense fear of apparently irrational things, and it can seriously impact a person’s life.

Those of you who deal with anxiety know that every day is a struggle. While no one understands how you feel, you are stuck in your own world, and you cannot live a normal life. So, here are things that people with anxiety do while the rest just do not see.

1. The Worst Case Scenarios

People with anxiety imagine the worst case scenarios about simple things like meeting a person for the first time, a presentation, going to a newly open market, etc.

They are worried that maybe their pants will fall, spill a glass, or forget the lines. Often, they imagine themselves in a situation in which the world would laugh at them. It is not easy living while constantly imagining the worst case scenario about everything.

So, the negative thoughts raise the levels of their anxiety which affects their sleep and everything else till that event happens. Since the anxiety exhausts them, they tend to do everything badly when the event happens.

And, that adds more to the anxiety. When they have a bad performance, they are convinced that their imagines scenarios proved to be real. Frequently, they just want to get out of their heads.

2. Staying Away from Situations of Possible Judgment

Because of their anxiety, people often feel like everyone judges them. They may think that some colleague of work may think they are stupid for the way they pack their lunch, so they avoid them.

Also, they may think that some friend of theirs may be embarrassed because of their appearance, and they do not go to the party. Actually, people with anxiety tend to stay away from many situations because they do not want judgments.

That is the reason why they spend time alone with their fears. Sadly, people who do not have anxiety do not understand what is happening and why these people act like that.

3. Worrying About Others Noticing Their Fear

People with anxiety think that their fear can be noticed on their face, and they are afraid that random people on the street know they are afraid.

Because of overthinking it, they experience trembling hands, sweaty palms, and shortness of breath. They are sure that every person that sees them sees the symptoms they experience. That is why they avoid social situations.

4. Feeling Comfortable With Just Several People

In their life, the number of people they do make them feel anxious is low. These people are a family member, and maybe a very close friend, while others make them anxious.

That is why they do not like being in public places with these people. Sometimes, they want their close people to be with them wherever they go.

5. Overthinking 24/7

As a result of anxiety, people tend to overthink everything. They become obsessed with something they have said, did, or what should have done or said.

They tend to overthink even things like how much toothpaste should they use. If they do not have enough time to process the day, they are afraid that they may have a panic attack, so they decide to stay home.

6. Extremely Tired

People with anxiety are totally exhausted because of the constant stress they experience, and they really need to rest.

Just napping for several hours would be helpful, but the problem is that their anxiety with all of those running thoughts affects their sleep too. So, they end up confused and not knowing what to do.

7. They See it as an Endless Problem

Since they know themselves and their anxiety, they see their life without any hope. They feel powerless, exhausted like they are drowning in an ocean and there is no one that can help them.

They feel like this circle they are in will never end, they will never be able to go out without a problem, they will never be able to work without feeling the way they feel, etc.

Even though they are aware that everything they worry about is irrational, they just cannot stop feeling like that. Often, those anxiety wonder if they are the only ones dealing with anxiety.

No matter how much they want to socialize and to change, they think that is not possible for them. It is very sad that they feel like they have been doomed to those feelings for eternity.

8. Worrying 24/7

Each minute of each day is spent on worrying. There are so many things that one can worry about, and people with anxiety worry about everything.

Even when there is a moment in which they are worriless, they will immediately find something to worry about.

It is not easy to be worried about sleeping through your alarm, twisting an ankle, spilling water on the keyboard, leaving the stove on and so on. Avoidance, fear, and agony are three main meals of the day for those with anxiety.

There are not many people that understand anxiety, and because sufferers are great at hiding how they feel, many just do not see what is happening.

9. Replaying Conversations

After a conversation with someone who thought you were a nice person, people with anxiety tend to overplay that conversation over and over again.

They just cannot get that chat out of their head, and they are trying to find out if there was something not right at that moment.

So, if there is something that makes them feel bad, they need to remind themselves that it is a result of anxiety, which is not a nice experience.

10. Thinking Everything is Their Fault

When they talk to someone, and if that person does not reply immediately or in the right way, people with anxiety think that they have done something wrong.

Often, when someone does not return them a text immediately, they believe it is their fault. Also, for many other things that happen, they just blame themselves.

If you are struggling with anxiety, you should know that everything is going to be all right, you just mustn’t give up. You need to work on yourself, love yourself, and believe that you will feel great.

Remember, you are not alone in this, at the moment there are probably thousands of people reading this article because they are struggling too. However, accepting that you have anxiety is the first step towards recovery, so you are doing great.

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