Here’s Why Talking to Ourselves Out Loud Can Be a Good Thing

Here's Why Talking to Ourselves Out Loud Can Be a Good Thing

Every single person needs a good pep talk from time to time, regardless if it’s from ourselves or from our loved ones, like close friends or family. A small motivation boost is always welcomed, every day at every time.

Sometimes, when we notice that we are talking to ourselves out loud, we can get embarrassed. Talking with ourselves is helpful, although some people can give us the strange looks.

Unfortunately, most people aren’t comfortable with the idea of relying on themselves completely before opening up to close people. People are scared of how they would look in the eyes of their closes ones.

But, it turns out that constructive self-talking can be really good. Surely, generally speaking, self-talking is not socially accepted, but it is said that it might be a sign of higher intelligence.

Recently there was one experiment made on this topic. According to the experiment talking to yourself can be healthy for you and it may be a sign of higher intelligence.

Based on the findings of 28 people at Bangor University in the UK, in case you talk out loud, it might improve the control over your task. All participants were given written instructions.

Then, they were asked to read these instructions out loud or silently drying the experiment. You should know that Alexander Kirkham and Paloma Mari-Beffa conducted the experiment.

The performance and concentration of the participant on the tasks were measured. It was found that the participants got better results when their instructions were read out loud.

According to Mari-Beffa, the participants performed better when they heard commands in comparison to reading them.

The results from this experiment showed that even if you talk to yourself in order get control in time of hard tasks, your performance improves when speak to yourself out loud.

This explains why many sports professionals, like tennis players, regularly talk to themselves in important matches, and at important points the game. You can often hear them say “Come on!”

That is how they stay focused. You see, the human capacity to process explicit self-instructions is a great tool people have for cognitive control. To be more precise, things work better when we say something out loud.

The lecturers believe that by talking to ourselves out loud, we can get intellectually more competent as well. So, for all those times you were actually muttering to yourself, now you can be loud and proud.

Feel free to say it out loud, and that is how you will get it done. Self-talk is more than just an odd activity. Perhaps, this is the best type of pep talk which helps improve our concentration.

We should see self-talking as a form of an extension of our silent inner talk. You know that thing which helps you organize your memories, thoughts, and emotions.

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Unsplash – Ladislav Bona

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