Ancient Technique That Can Trigger Your Super Human Abilities

How and why did we forget such an amazing ancient technique? In countless countries all around the world, many people have worshipped the Sun as a giver of life. The Egyptians had Amon Ra, the Syrians had Vedas, the Greeks – Apollo, and the Incan – Inti.

It seems that the Sun has inspired the earliest depiction of Gods around the world. Sun-gazing, on the other hand, has long been a popular form of art.

The Mayans, Indians, and Egyptians practiced this form of ancient art in an effort to cure illnesses.

Also, they believed that it could eliminate their need for food, which is why they believed they could accomplish the unimaginable, only by staring at the Sun.

In other words, they believed people could become telepathic by gazing at the Sun.

Even though this sounds too mythical and impossible to achieve, some people believe that there are those who are the chosen ones or enlightened ones, who did have such abilities and knew how to use them.

Worshiping the Sun

There are certain procedures of sun-gazing, also known as worshipping the Sun. People usually practiced it at sunrise and sunset. These people were known as sun gazers.

Furthermore, to complete the worshiping, they would stand barefoot and look at the Sun for 10 seconds.

Every time they do it, they would increase that time for a few more seconds with each passing day.

Acknowledged by Scientists

Philosophers and historians were not the only ones who acknowledged the amazing powers of the Sun. Scientists did as well. For example, Nikola Tesla.

He once said that he believes that the development of life must lead to forms of life or existence that should be possible to exist without nourishment.

These forms of life will never be shackled by limitations. So, why should a living being not be able to get all the necessary energy from the environment? Instead, it relies on food and transformation to obtain all the energy it needs to create life-sustaining energy.

In this era, this popular process is renamed and known as the HRM phenomenon. In addition, many people have tried to rejuvenate these ideas to prove their effectiveness in the world, with constant trials and errors.

After countless trials, they finally managed to create believable foundations with scientifically evaluated evidence.

Scientific Results for Sun-Gazing

After countless trials and errors, scientists were able to prove that Sun-gazing was indeed beneficial. Here is their evaluated evidence.

Benefits of Sun-Gazing

Here is what sun-gazing can do for your health.

1. Boosts Your Energy Levels

Sun-gazing can trigger the pineal glands, which in turn can prove beneficial for boosting secretion of the ‘’happy’’ hormones, like serotonin and melatonin.

These hormones are good for boosting the energy levels in the system and making the body more agile and stronger.

2. Provides the Body with Sufficient Nutrients

If your body lacks nutrients, sun-gazing can be a good idea to replenish those sources. Moreover, it can help deal with the cravings since it can reduce the need to consume too much food.

As a result, it can help with weight loss.

That is why our ancestors practiced sun-gazing. It proved beneficial for both the body and soul.

3. Inspires Pineal Gland Growth

As we grow older, our pineal gland starts to shrink. Well, sun-gazing could help with that.

Scientists believe that sun-gazing can cause the pineal gland to grow, which in turn can regulate the secretion of important hormones. Moreover, it can keep the reproductive organs healthy.

Lastly, it seems that our ancestors knew exactly what they were doing. They mastered sun-gazing in order to obtain all the benefits they needed.

Today, sun-gazing may sound obsolete and ridiculous, but it seems that the ancient civilization used the power of the universe to stay healthy and live a long life.

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