For Everyone Who Is Strong, But Tired

For Everyone Who Is Strong, But Tired

Strength is when we believe in love although all we have experienced is heartbreak. Strength was drying our tears when no one knew we had cried all night. It is dealing with our demons and looking at those who broke our heart and forgiving them.

It’s helping people who need help even when we haven’t figured out things for ourselves yet. Strength is trusting people even though we have been proved wrong in the past.

It’s biting your tongue when one is being rude and understanding that this is a reflection of them, that this isn’t your reflection. Strength, my dear, is when you believe in yourself even if everyone doubts you.

But deep down you know the truth, the truth is that you are strong, but at the same time you are tired. You are tired of getting hurt every time your hopes are up. You are tired of expecting the worst and seeing it play out.

The truth is that you are tired of being let down and always blaming yourself for things. You are tired of people saying to you that you should change, so you try to do this, but you lose yourself.

You are tired of being challenged and provoked, and still having to be the bigger person. You are tired of thinking and focusing on people too much who actually care too little; you are simply tired of overthinking.

You are tired, my dear, of spending the time of coming up with text just to get an answer with “ok.”

You are tired of trying to please others and not getting nothing in return. You are exhausted by staying up all night as thoughts are all over the place and you cannot sleep.

You are tired of being strong for everyone else; you are tired of you being the only person who is trying to make things better. You are tired of explanations, and people are walking away without any reason.

You, my dear, know pain at levels other people never will. You know darkness and sadness the way other people do not. However, on the other side, you know there is love so deep.

You experience happiness, and that makes things worth it. Despite the pain of endings, you still look forward to new beginnings, since you know when things feel right it is worth it.

You are a strong person, and you are rare. Why? Because you and people like you are the healers of this world. You are the light for others when it’s dark. You are the hope when everyone lost theirs.

You do not let pain change you, and that makes you the greatest. The truth is no matter how hurt, disappointed or tired you feel the fact that you have not changed is what makes you different.

You see, pain changes most people, but not you. You understand that on the other end of the same spectrum is love and you keep your head high. So my dear, never change because you are perfect just the way you are!

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