8 Signs Someone Is A True Best Friend

8 Signs Someone Is A True Best Friend

We can have hundreds of friends on Facebook or Instagram, but it doesn’t mean they are our true friends. In fact, nowadays it’s really hard to find a friend we can trust and count on. So, how to know if someone is really our friend?

8 Signs That Someone Is Your True Friend

1. This Person Accepts You Flaws and All

A true friend doesn’t try to change you; they accept and embrace everything about you, including your flaws. Although they may not agree with you about everything, they appreciate your opinion as they know that’s your character.

2. This Person Sticks with You Through Good & Bad Times

A true friend will never leave you alone in your most difficult times. They will stick with you and try to help you the best they can, even if sometimes that means only being there for you.

That’s what makes someone your true friend, so if you have one, make sure you keep them.

3. This Person Is Happy for Your Achievements

Your true friend will never be jealous of you or your achievements. Instead, they will celebrate with you and congratulate you on reaching a new goal.

4. This Person Knows a Lot about You and You Feel  Comfortable Around Them

You know you can always be honest with them even about your weaknesses and insecurities as you know they will never use them against you.

They know your deepest secrets, desires, and dreams, as well as your most embarrassing moments, and you know they will never share them with others. That’s why you always feel comfortable around them.

5. This Person Doesn’t Wait for You to Always Be the One Reaching Out to Them

If someone is really your true friend, they won’t wait for you to call them so that you two can catch up. They always have time for you, unlike fake friends who are there for you only when they need something from you.

6. This Person Never Makes You Stressed or Drained, but Happier and More Alive

Whenever you hang out with them, you feel happier, rejuvenated, and more alive. You are always excited to see them because you know they will help you to unwind after a long day. A fake friend, on the other hand, can make you feel drained or depressed.

So, the next time you hang out with some friend, pay attention to how you feel afterward.

7. This Person is Always Honest with You

That’s right; a real friend always tells you the truth, even though you may not like it. They do this for your own sake, to help you make the right decisions in life, and not to hurt you or make you feel bad.

8. This Person Doesn’t Talk About You Behind Your Back

Last but not least, a true friend will never talk about you behind your back. If they have something to tell you, whether good or bad, they will choose to have a rational discussion face-to-face. A fake friend, on the other hand, doesn’t mind spreading rumors about you because they don’t respect you.

So, based on our description of a true friend, would you say that you have one?