If You Experience Any Of These 29 Signs You Were Born To Be A Spiritual Healer…

People from many cultures consider spiritual healing as an amazing, divine gift. Some believe that this gift is passed from one generation to another, just like DNA. And, like DNA is changed by every person’s choices, our spirit can be improved as well.

Our ancestors have developed the gifts, and they have passed them down to us. Nonetheless, spirituality is not always inherited. Sometimes, something happens, a trauma, an event, or some activity that triggers ones healing potential.

People who are spiritual healers have numerous cues, signs, and signal around them. So, if you want to know if you are one, you should know where to look for all of those signs.

You do not need a medium or an intuitive reader, just look at your life and you will find out if you possess a healing gift. So, in this article, we offer you a list of signs to help you find out if you have this gift. You may be surprised.

However, it does not mean that experiencing one or two of these makes you a healer. Experiencing several or most of these signs it indicates on you having a spiritual gift.

1. People often tell you that it is nice being around you.

2. You often feel experiences and emotions as sensations of hurt and pain. You are an extreme empath.

3. Anxiety or panic disorders are troubling/troubled you? It is a sign.

4. People around you do not get sick often.

5. You have been diagnosed with some mood disorder.

6. Helping people is what you love. You like finding solutions in order to make others happy.

7. Even though you may lose something yours, you choose to help others.

8. You are working as a massage therapist, physical therapist, veterinarian, chiropractor, medical worker, guidance counselor and so on.

9. Your siblings, grandparents, parents etc. work/used to work in healing based professions – spoken, touch, medical, etc.

10. Enhances awareness in public places. Often, when you are in a public place you experience nervous butterflies and difficulty breathing.

11. You can notice if there has been some disagreement or a fight before you walked in a room.

12. When people need kind words, comfort, solutions, etc., them come to you.

13. Often, you feel like problems of other people are left to you to solve them.

14. At the end of the day, you feel exhausted, especially when you have been around a lot of people.

15. You have that special touch with animals.

16. Kids and animals like you even when they do not like being around others.

17. Without asking, strangers can tell you a lot about their lives.

18. When people are visiting your place, you want them to feel comfortable.

19. People ask you for massages and scratches because you are great at shoulder and back rubs, or back scratches.

20. When you agree to help others, you often feel overwhelmed by it.

21. Shoulder and neck pain is your regular struggle.

22. Your coworkers and friends often ask you for an opinion about some potential romance, or maybe a job hires.

23. You like exercising in the outdoors. For example, you like doing yoga in nature, going for a jog or a walk. The fresh air is relaxing as well as stimulating to you.

24. Also, you have interest in healing methods based on spirituality such as shamanism, energy healing, reiki and so on.

25. Often, you experience tingly hands and palms (buzzing, pulsating, pins, needles, vibrating, and throbbing).

26. You like beautiful crystals because they have healing properties.

27. Natural based healing methods are your way of healing.

28. Digestive issues and headaches are something you experience frequently.

29. Reading this list is the final sign that you are a born spiritual healer.

So, did you find yourself in this article? Do you possess this special gift?

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