11 Sure Signs That Prove He Is a True Gentleman

Have you ever had a gentleman in your life? Unfortunately, these men are considered to be a dying breed nowadays. But, do you know how to recognize one if you happen to find him? In fact, you may already have a gentleman in your life without even realizing it.

Here’s a list of signs that will help you spot a gentleman so that you can keep him in your life for longer.

11 Signs of a True Gentleman

1. He Is Honest

A gentleman always tells the truth, even if it doesn’t put him in a flattering light. You can trust him as lying is not in his character. He is authentic and real, so he has nothing to hide from you, except when he wants to surprise you.

2. He Keeps His Word

When a gentleman promises something, he will do it. He always keeps his word and never brags about it. You can see this through his actions every day.

3. He Is Kind

A gentleman is kind not only to you or your friends but also to strangers. That’s his way of living, and he inspires kindness in return. He doesn’t retaliate when someone treats him rudely.

He will never lower his behavioral standards, so he always chooses the right and peaceful road.

4. He Listens to You

A gentleman listens to you when speaking without interrupting you. He doesn’t space out to text or check his social media profile. He pays attention to things you say and acts accordingly.

He also pays attention to details, the things you like and dislike. He does this because he truly cares for you.

5. He Is Brave

This man never hesitates to stand up for others in need. If he sees someone being physically or verbally abused, he will confront them. In a way, he feels responsible for protecting others, including you.

6. He Respects Your Time

Gentlemen are always on time. They want to stick to a schedule because waiting for them doesn’t make them feel right. They value your time like no one else.

7. He Is Not Afraid to Say “Please” and “Thanks”

A gentleman doesn’t doubt to say “sorry” when he makes a mistake. He is mature enough to accept the responsibility for his own actions and move on. He is polite so he also uses the words “please” and “thanks.”

8. He Respects Your Needs

Holding the door for you is never boring for him, but he supports your decision if you want to show your independence. He pays attention to your needs and desires, and he respects them. And, he enjoys doing what makes you happy, even in the bedroom.

9. He Knows Himself

This man knows exactly what he wants and what not. This doesn’t make him forceful but opinionated. He is decisive and never hesitates to stand up for his core values when challenged by someone.

A true gentleman is confident but never arrogant. He says what he means and means what he says.

10. He Offers up His Seat, His Jacket, His Arm…

A true gentleman notices details, so he always knows your needs. What’s more, he tries to meet them at the moment. That’s why he is always willing to offer up his jacket or seat to others. In other words, gentlemen put other people’s comfort before his own.

11. He Is Never Violent with Women

Gentlemen are neither verbally, physically, nor emotionally violent to women. They never want to make a woman feel unsafe. They are protectors and not abusers or aggressors.

If you recognize these signs in someone, appreciate his chivalry and consider yourself lucky to have found him!

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