12 Signs You Aren’t Following Your Inner Truth & How To Find It Again

The way we treat people is a direct reflection of how we feel about ourselves. Our relationships can be viewed as a reflection of the relationship we have with ourselves. This is the first step to understand our inner self.

So, whether we choose to be in the right or wrong relationship, it is completely up to us. If you trust yourself, your feelings, emotions, and you listen to your thoughts, you will be comfortable in your own skin.

But, if you don’t have any of these attributes you can’t expect to project positivity onto others. Besides, if you haven’t accepted yourself, you can’t possibly accept other people. Here are the 12 signs that show you do not feel comfortable in your own skin.

1. You Seek Approval

Do you always seek approval and attention? If the answer is yes, you try to fill that endless void in your heart. Without attention and validation, you can’t rely on your choices in life. As a result, you create an external reaction.

Therefore, it is important to know what you want and what you want to achieve. Remember, create your own standards, the ones that will make you proud. After all, you are worth it.

2. Angry All the Time

If you are angry all the time, then you need to implement new changes in your life, and fast. The anger is the representation of your ego. If you are dissatisfied with your current situation or status quo both physically and mentally, it is best to change it.

To fix it try to be simple, and satisfy your basic needs. This way, you will treat yourself with love and appreciation without blaming yourself for the mistakes you’ve made.

3. You Hide Your Emotions

Due to the difficulties in life, you have to mask your emotions. By hiding your emotions, you bury your happiness, and you cover yourself with fear. But, this is a bad attempt at drowning the motions.

Why? Well, because everyone has to flush out those emotions from time to time.

And to do it, we usually rely on other distractions such as cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, or anything else. However, the biggest problem is that when we choose to forget the bad things, we also forget the good ones.

4. You Don’t Follow Your Heart

Your heart can process your feelings better than your conscious mind. You will always get that ‘feeling’ that something is wrong. The heart is what gives you those signs. But, most people ignore their hearts and bury their emotions.

In the end, this clouds the mind and steers them off course. As a result, we tend to make hasty decisions and face everything head on without considering the consequences. That is why it is important to separate the emotions with the inner knowing.

So, trust yourself more, follow your instincts, and be more open to love and life in general.

5. You Are Too Hard on Yourself

Modesty and self-acceptance go hand in hand. Remember, we all make mistakes. That is why no one is perfect. But, instead of learning and improving from your mistakes, you are judging yourself. In the end, you can’t forgive yourself and release the burden.

6. Trust Your Intuition

Follow your instincts. This way you will learn to listen to your inner voice, and you will let it guide you.

7. You Are ‘’Judgy’’

You often like to lash out at someone and talk behind their back. But, what you just said about that person is what you need to heal, accept, and change about yourself. Yes, that’s right.

Talking behind someone’s back means that your words reflect your thoughts about yourself. So, all those crude remarks are a sign that you are not comfortable in your own skin. In fact, you lack self-acceptance.

8. You Do Things You Don’t Like

If you have a job, lead a lifestyle, or are in a relationship you hate, and you don’t have the courage to leave any of them, they could cause depression and anxiety.

So, to avoid such an emotional and mental condition, it is important to change the wheel and do something you like. What you need to do is trust yourself. Something better will come out of your decisions, just be ready to implement them.

9. You Can’t Forgive

It is hard to forget about past experiences, especially if they had an emotional, spiritual or, psychological hold on you. Therefore, you are afraid of changes. You think that you can’t take it anymore if something bad happens again.

But, that is not true. There is always a way forward, you just have to stop running. But, to do it, you will have to forgive yourself first.

10. You Tell White Lies

Even the smallest lie is a reflection of your self-confidence. In fact, you will degrade yourself to impress someone else. Well, don’t do it! Be yourself, be real, be who you really are if you want people to respect you.

11. You Are Last

You always put yourself last. In fact, you will do anything to satisfy other people around you. As a result, you willingly choose to ignore your needs and the things that give you joy. But, the more energy you use to satisfy someone else, the less you will have to yourself.

So, if you want to be happy, it is time to say No, and do something for yourself.

12. Others Take Over Your Life

Friends, family, coworkers, everyone is above you. But, if you want to achieve all your hopes and dreams, you have to make a decision. Ask yourself who is living your life, you or them? Do, what you like, not what they like.

Remember, it is your life, not theirs.

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