15 Signs of Emotional Abuse No One Should Ignore!

15 Signs of Emotional Abuse No One Should Ignore!2

Emotional abuse is widespread these days, yet a lot of people do not recognize it as such. Abusers leave bruises and wounds which are invisible. It is different from the physical type of abuse.

We can see the signs of violence with our eyes. But emotional abuse destroys you from the inside out. As a matter of fact, it’s easy to slip into rationalization and denial in a relationship that is physically abusive.

And it’s even easier when you cannot see the scars. You should bear in mind that emotional abuse is insidious. Why? Because it’s something which is easy to hide and to deny.

You see, many people aren’t aware of emotional abuse until it has already destroyed them. This type of abuse can cause as much psychological damage as the physical one. But, it’s hard to recognize it.

Can you recognize it? Below that are a few signs you are in a relationship with someone who is emotionally abusing you. If you can relate, understand that it’s important to seek help.

Signs Your Partner Is Emotionally Abusive

#1 Whenever they are upset, it’s always your fault, regardless of the situation. You have to be silent about it, even it has nothing to do with you, and you are made to deal with all the blame and eventually pain.

#2 Your partner often check up on you. They are very controlling, and they demand to know where you are and with who at all times.

#3 Your partner constantly accuses you of things you did not do. You find yourself avoiding certain activities only because you fear that your partner won’t agree or may misinterpret your motives.

#4 Everything you do, including your accomplishments and ambitions, aren’t taking seriously. Everything you do comes second to your partner’s things.

#5 Your partner often criticizes you in front of your family and close friends, and in front of people, you do not know.

#6 Whenever your partner suggests something, you feel afraid to say NO.

#7 Your partner always dismisses your opinions and feelings, and you are expected to agree with everything they say or feel.

#8 You cannot make decisions without the input of your partner. Even in cases where you strongly disagree, you seem to defer to their wishes.

#9 Your partner is the one who makes all the decisions, and he decides what’s best for you. This applies to your clothing, career and the way you spend your day.

#10 Often your partner brings up past things which you are ashamed or embarrassed by.

#11 Your partner always withholds quality time, affection and money in order to punish you. They do this whenever they feel like it.

#12 Whenever you are upset, your partner says that you’re too sensitive, so everything is your fault.

#13 You cannot poke fun at your partner as they do it to you. You do not feel safe doing that.

#14 No matter what happens or what you do, you are always wrong, and they are always right.

#15 Often your partner is the one who implies that you’re the lucky one in your relationship since they believe they are the best thing that happened to you. They do this to make you feel as you are beneath them.

Can you relate? If so, please ask for help, leave your partner and take control over your life. No one in this world has right over your thoughts, feelings, and life. Only you have the right over it.

Choose yourself, and not your relationship.

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