Do This Old Technique Before Bedtime To Help Drain Your Lymph Glands

16 Signs To Tell You If It Is Time To Drain Your Lymphs & How To Do That

Our lymphatic system contains more fluids than blood, and it is linked to many tissues and organs that help our body get rid of waste, toxins, and unwanted materials. The function of the lymphatic system is to transport the lymph fluid.

And, that is very important for the body because it defends the body from infections. So, that is why it is crucial to take care of the lymphatic system.

Below is a list of sixteen symptoms that indicate on lymph congestion.

1. Soreness or breast swelling with every menstrual cycle.

2. Fingers that are getting bigger and bigger.

3. Increased irritation and histamine as a result of allergies.

4. Excess weight gain and belly fat.

5. Hypersensitivity

6. Swollen glands

7. Low immunity

8. Mild rash or acne

9. Hypersensitivity

10. Stiffness or soreness in the morning

11. Dry skin

12. Tiredness

13. Itchy skin

14. Brain fog

15. Constipation, diarrhea, or mucus

16. Bloating

What Causes Lymph Congestion?

Lymph congestion can be a result of numerous causes. We present you the most common of them.

1. Stress

Stress is the reason for about eighty percent of the health issues, and it can have an impact on the lymphs too.

2. Digestive System Imbalances

Since most of the lymphs are around the guts, if the tissue of the gut is in a critical condition, it may affect the immunity, detoxification, assimilation, and lymph flow.

3. Iodine Deficiency

Iodine is very powerful because it supports the entire lymphatic system at a cellular level, and it helps in mitigating the effects of the harmful environment.

4. Clothes that Do NOT Fit

Choosing appropriate clothes that fit you well is very important. Your clothes should be too tight because it may cluster the lymphs, especially the armpits and the chestal area.

For instance, a too small bra may prevent normal drainage by clogging the lymphs. Also, this type of clothes can cause swelling on the lymph nodes, breast cancer, and fibrocystic breast tissue. (1)

How to Drain Your Lymph in Three Days

Having at least three of the symptoms listed above means that you should detox your lymphatic system. And, having more than three symptoms means that you have to do detoxification.

It is good news that this detoxification takes only three days, and you have to stay at home because the detox is powerful. You will feel exhausted, so you need a lot of rest.

Also, make sure to exercise because in that way you will move the valves and drain the fluids in the lymphs. Just follow the next steps.

Step 1

Since the lymphs contain more water than the blood does, you have to drink a lot of fluids. And, one of the most common causes of lymph congestion is dehydration.

Consume herbal teas, broths, fresh juices, and water. Make a combination of water and lemon to provide the needed minerals. Also, include more green vegetable juices because they will ease the detoxification, and will enhance the function of the lymphatic system.

You should notice the results after three days.

Step 2

Just as for your overall health, herbs are excellent for your lymphs. Below is a list of teas you can drink in order to detox your system.

  • Red root decreases swelling in the lymph nodes, cysts, as well as it treats congestion. It gives proper nutrition to the tissues as well.
  • Red clover improves circulation, detoxifies the body, and decreases inflammation.
  • Manjistha herb detoxifies the tissues and helps with the lymph flow, so it restarts the function of the lymphs.
  • Cleavers eliminates cysts and lowers swelling. So, removing kidneys through urination can be achieved with this herb.
  • Echinacea helps in cleaning, and invades microorganisms like tumor cells and stimulates the production of T-lymphocytes.

Step 3

You need to exercises on a regular basis because it is very helpful for your soul and body. It will reactivate the lymphatic system and detoxify it.

Step 4

Infrared sauna gets deeply into the skin and helps the nervous system. Also, it eliminates toxins and enhances the lymphatic flow.

Step 5

Each day walk for an hour or at least forty-five minutes because it is important for your body to function and move.

Step 6

Putting your legs against a wall eliminates toxins and improves the function of the lymphs. And, you may have a better sleep.

Step 7

Massage your lymphs just like in the video below.

Step 8

Sitting too long is not good, so you need to try moving to stimulate a natural flow of lymphatic fluid.

Step 9

A proper function of the lymphatic system can be achieved by combining hot and cold water.

Step 10

Use a bristle brush to brush your skin so that the lymphs will eliminate the toxins.

Step 11

Deep breathing is important. Stretch your arms and respire through your nose, and move your hands in circular motions. Then, hold your breath for a short time, and while you are putting your arms down slowly, breathe out through the mouth.

Repeat several times, and when you feel dizzy, stop. Regular practice allows you to do it for a longer time.

Using a Bristle Brush

You need to use a natural bristle brush with a long handle. So, during bath time, brush your back, feet, and every other area you want. Be gentles with the soft areas. In the end, wash your whole body, and dry it completely.

It will get rid of dead cells, and it will stimulate blood circulation. You can watch the video.

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