Cats – Protect You and Your Home from Ghosts and Negative Spirits!

The cat’s aura is tremendous. It includes the home, family, and territory which the cat is bound to. So, you have to know that whenever the cat rubs against your legs, is not only trying to get food, but it is actually sharing its astral force and magic with you.

But, if you push the cat away, you will block the flow of positive energy it is trying to give to you.

Therefore, the cat will never share its magic with you again. In fact, it will take some of yours astral force instead.

Moreover, cats can shield the home from negative influence, evil spirits, and negative energies. This trait is extremely useful if you move to a house which belonged to someone else and bad things happened in the past.

Ghosts and Evil Spirits

The first moment when a cat senses a spirit in the house, it starts to follow it around and figure out what it wants. This way, the cat makes sure that the spirit won’t harm its territory.

With the help of her energy field displacement, the cat tries to get rid of the threat.

If that doesn’t work, the cat will try to trap the spirit in its energy field and lead it out of the house. Therefore, it is important to pay attention to your cat if you want to notice these amazing moments.

The Cat Sees Evil Presence

See if your cat keeps returning to that same particular spot. Pay attention to its posture and it’s constant staring onto something the human eye can’t see.

Such behavior could be a sign of a spirit or an evil presence in your home.

To cleanse the house, try reading a prayer or do a cleansing ritual. Also, feel free to burn some White Sage. This way you might be able to remove all that dangerous stale energy.

However, don’t be afraid. It seems that the cat’s magic energy is exceptionally high.

As a result, it can chase the evil presence away. That is why mediums or people who communicate with spirits never allow cats in the same room where a séance is taking place.

Cats Can Scare Spirits

In some cases, cats can be great guardians. Some claim that cats can scare off astral beings, which is why people who practice magic rituals are encouraged to take cats as their companion.

Furthermore, some say that cats can protect the house from curses.

In addition, they can bring positive cosmic energy into the house and contribute to the prosperity and welfare of the entire family.

So, if you plan on moving in a new house, let the cat enter the house first. It can remove all the unwanted negative energy of whoever used to live there. Instead, it will recharge the place with positive and powerful energy.

Cats Have Powers Based on Their Color

If you want to pick a cat with special magical powers, here is how you can choose one.

1. Black Cat

  • deep magic, witchcraft, protection, occult power
  • removes negative energy
  • grants discernment and wisdom

2. Smokey Gray / Blue Gray Cat

  • love, good luck, happiness,
  • emotional stability, peace

3. Siamese Cat

  • the supreme goddess
  • deep black magic
  • bring luck, prosperity, happiness
  • protects the family

4. Red Cat

  • male power
  • connected to the witches moon and sun
  • Yang energy
  • wealth, focus, money

5. White Cat

  • create lunar magic
  • healing powers
  • relieve stress
  • gives a sense of admiration and beauty
  • recharges energy
  • good omen

6. Two-Tone Cat

  • the Mouser (incredibly friendly)
  • wisdom, common sense, and mutual understanding

7. Golen Cat

  • wise, playful, regal
  • bestows grace
  • the master of wisdom and solar magic

8. Tabby Cats

  • good luck
  • cheerful and full of light
  • energizing and full of life

9. Tortoiseshell Cat

  • the source of women’s magic
  • pure magic
  • gives clairvoyance
  • good for children and healing
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