For Those Who Give Second Chances to People Who Don’t Deserve It

For Those Who Give Second Chances to People Who Don't Deserve It

Do you get attached too fast? Then you probably are a person who has a soft heart, someone who is a passionate fighter and a gentle lover. Do you have trouble facing breakups?

Well, that means you find it hard to cut people off your life. It is because most likely you analyze situations from every single point of you. If you can relate, you should know that you are a special person.

Surely, most of the time you try to understand the reasons behind people’s mistakes and actions. You keep giving second chances to people who do not deserve it. Surely you are aware that your kindness costs you a fortune.

It is like that because you are someone who doesn’t give up easily, especially when it’s about close people you love. Because when you love you love with all your heart and soul.

You are completely aware that relationships are hard work, so when something gets broken you do whatever possible to fix things. But, it doesn’t work if the person on the other side doesn’t want to work on things.

So, if you decided to cut someone off, then something horrible must have happened. Something so unforgivable and hurtful that you cannot wrap your mind around it.

Otherwise, you would do everything possible to sort things out, to find a solution to meet the person halfway, to save what you have, for old times’ sake. But my dear, you know that when you decide to leave you should leave without turning back.

You have a big heart and forgiving soul but you should know your worth. You should have your limits and you should respect them.

Don’t fall on those tricks of guilt-tripping and sad talks about how you should stay. When the other person is responsible for all the mess, it is not your duty to clean it up, walk away, run as fast as you can.

Such a person who made you go through sad and bad things doesn’t deserve a place in your life to start with. You never wanted to be in this situation, to have to say goodbye and to leave, well not like this.

But, when the other person doesn’t try you do not have a choice. You should never let anyone take advantage of you, even if you are willing to do a lot for those people you love.

Just because you give second chances, it does not mean others are free to break their promises and expect your forgiveness all the time.

You deserved to be loved with the same amount and intensity that you love. You deserve to be valued and respected. You deserve loyal people who will enter your life with the intention to stay forever.

You shouldn’t let anyone walk all over your heart. Surely you won’t want to leave someone you love behind, but at some point in your life, you are going to need to choose yourself.

If someone makes you cry, brings you heartache, stress, and pain you need to strike back. Be extremely selective about who you give your heart to.

Never allow someone to treat you as a second option. And once you walk out of someone’s life, they should consider you gone.

You see, the key to being happy is knowing that you have the power to choose what to accept and what to let go.

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