The Right Way to Love Someone with Anxiety

The Right Way to Love Someone with Anxiety

Having a partner with anxiety can be confusing, but as long as we try to understand them, everything will be fine. If our partner has anxiety, we should know that most likely they are inclined to believe that something terrible is going to happen.

And, that everyone is going to leave. Sometimes, they are the ones who ruin the relationship due to this. You see, most likely your partner battles with something they simply cannot control and they have some insecurity about your relationship.

They can be completely aware that it’s hard, so they choose not to burden you with their irrational worries and thoughts. So they might try to push you away. But you shouldn’t leave, you should remember that they are worth fighting for.

It may be difficult and stressful sometimes. Also, there may be dumb fights of scenarios your partner has made up in their mind.

However, what you should remember is that they are worth fighting for. And if you do it, one thing is sure it will come back to you ten folds. There is something you should do. And if you know that, you will be prepared.

5 Ways to Love Someone with Anxiety

#1 Understand That Sometimes They Won’t Be Up for Going Out

Bear in mind that your partner may cancel in the last minute, or just want to leave in the middle of a night out. So, in case they tell you that they want to leave, you shouldn’t feel obligated to go with them.

You shouldn’t feel a sense of guilt. For whatever reason, they cannot handle the situation, so they are better off alone. Do not force them to talk; they will do it if they feel like it.

#2 It Doesn’t Mean They Don’t Trust You, It Means They Are Afraid

Sometimes they cannot control their thoughts, about every single situation it is the worst-case scenario playing out in their mind. This is something which they hate themselves for. Understand them and be there to comfort them.

#3 Just Listen

Sometimes, all you need to do is listen. Certain situations might play out in their mind. They might jump from one point to another in just seconds, and sometimes you might not know where they are going.

You listening will help more in comparison to arguing.

#4 Never Say: “You Are Overreacting.”

To you, some things might look irrational. However, to your partner whatever they choose to open to you about, surely it is something which genuinely bothers them. Make sure to take it as best as you can.

Do not say they are overreacting.

#5 Once They Trust You They Shall Love You As You Have Never Been Loved Before

They might be bad at somethings, but one thing is certain they are the best when it comes to love. This is the area in which they are strong. They are capable of showing you how much they appreciate, respect and adore you.

Maybe they will take some time to gain trust in you, but once they do, everything will make sense to you. If you understand what love is, it will be thanks to them.

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