The Emotionally Destructive Relationship between Narcissists and Highly Sensitive People

The Emotionally Destructive Relationship between Narcissists and Highly Sensitive People

It might seem strange, but almost all highly sensitive people have been in a relationship with a manipulative narcissist at some point in their life. Some of them are even not aware of it at the time, but it doesn’t take long until they start feeling used and taken advantage of.

They get all confused and wonder how to get out of the mess, but the harder they try, the worse it gets.

One day, you have a nice, charming, and fun person who understands your highly sensitive, giving, and caring nature, but before you know it they transform into someone who wants you to serve them all the time.

Highly sensitive people don’t consciously choose this type of relationship. They are particularly attracted to narcissists without knowing why.

People might blame them for staying in a toxic relationship with a narcissist, wondering what has made them be involved in it in the first place. But, they don’t know that the narcissist was taking the highly sensitive person for a ride.

Seeing the true nature of narcissists is not easy and takes time. They use charm, manipulation, passive-aggression, deception, and control tactics to trick you into believing what they want, and you will never doubt it.

These people think they are superior to others and are preoccupied with achieving fame, success, power, wealth, and beauty. Narcissists don’t know what empathy is, even when it comes to their family and closest friends.

If they have to hurt someone to get their needs and desires met, they will do it without thinking.

Highly sensitive people are common targets of these people. They are empaths who sympathize with other people’s troubles and care deeply about everyone, especially their closest ones. They feel other people’s emotions, so they often have the urge to help.

The relationship between a narcissist and a highly sensitive person allows the narcissist to feed off the kindness of their partner, and to satisfy their insatiable appetite for attention, praise, power, admiration, and material things.

This, in turn, leaves the highly sensitive person emotionally drained, powerless, and exhausted. They feel helpless, which is why it’s so hard for them to leave the narcissist.

What’s more, they are hard-working and patient people, so they think if they try a little harder and be a bit more loving, understanding, and compassionate, their relationship might work out.

But, the narcissists take advantage of their partner’s compassion and any other virtue they are struggling to deliver.

Narcissists are masters of deception, and they know exactly what to say or do to make you feel good. That’s why highly sensitive people should be aware of their sensitivity which makes them more vulnerable than others.

This doesn’t mean they are powerless, but delicate people who should protect themselves from narcissists. They should use their intuition and awareness of other people’s feelings to know when someone is trying to manipulate them.

That’s why they should spend a few moments alone every day to concentrate on their own emotions and to just listen to their instincts. If they are already in a relationship with a narcissist, it’s best not to bother to change them at all but to leave them ASAP.

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