6 Reasons Why Strong Women Are Usually Lonely

6 Reasons Why Strong Women Are Usually Lonely

Every single woman in her life needs to make a choice. “What kind of choice?” one may ask. Well, she needs to choose to live a life which triggers no one, pleases everyone, so she can get that badge of being a “good woman.”

Or she can choose to live life as she wants and needs to. She can choose to live a life which is led by her very own conscience, a life where she does not care to fit into some standard ideas of perfection or success.

A life where she will choose to be true to herself. Nowadays, there are a lot of pressures on women to be perfect in every aspect of life. And this isn’t an easy choice.

This choice is the one that will ensure if this will be an average woman or someone who will be authentic and strong. The costs can be heavy to pay.

The thing is that those women who choose to be strong, and unique are usually very lonely. Why? Read on to find out. If you can relate that means that you are a strong woman yourself.

6 Reasons Why Strong Women Feel Lonely

#1 You’re Either All In or Out

You are the type of woman who commits 100 percent or doesn’t get involved in the first place. You are not that type of person who likes luke-warm passion or mediocrity. This type of commitment can make people reconsider their own efforts.

The thing is that you always choose to concentrate on the bigger picture and not on the small things.

#2 Your Intensity Scares People

You aren’t scared of your emotions; you are open, passionate and emotional. To you things and people who matter to you are everything. You are vocal, and you always stand up for those things which you believe in.

This is why the passive people and silent observers are uncomfortable around you. You need to keep a distance in order to live a comfortable life.

#3 You Give But Expect Nothing In Return

This is something which alienates you from other people, but it isn’t always in a good way. You see, you often give from your heart.

Usually strong women are those who do not show their vulnerability to people around them and who are fiercely independent. That is why in most cases they give but never get anything in return.

#4 You Cannot Go Against Your Conscience

Every single step you take comes from within.

Regardless if it’s about the people to choose to be friends with, the type of work you do, the way you live your life on a daily basis, you are the type of person who does not go against your own conscience and values.

#5 Even If It Hurts, You Always Let Your Heart Lead

Most people judge people and events as good or bad and as for right or wrong. But with you that isn’t the case, you are the one who always seeks for context. You are the type of person who thinks that everyone is a product of their circumstances.

You aren’t scared to defend people you love and yourself, and you do not judge right away. Sometimes due to this, you might seem heartless or cold, but you firmly believe that people are much more than that might seem to be.

#6 You Don’t Follow the Rules

You don’t follow the rules; you follow your inner voice. And your inner voice is always the one that makes you rebel against the false standards.

You are fearless about the possible consequences, and that is why you are immune to the opinions of other people. They have no control over you.

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