The Reason Why More Women Enjoy Being Single

The Reason Why More Women Enjoy Being Single

Remember the lyrics of the famous song “Single Ladies?” It goes: “If you like it then you should put a ring on it..” But, nowadays the single ladies are saying “Not so fast.” If we pay close attention, we will notice that writings about single people are common.

Also they are mostly focused on single women. This is happening not only in popular writings but in academic ones as well.

It is because it’s believed that single life is more of an issue for women than for men. It is believed that women are those who yearn for having a ring on their finger and marriage and would be devastated if they never marry.

Most people believe women are fantasizing about making a nest in order to share with their kids and spouse.

On the other hand, it’s believed that man care more about their independence, and that they give meaning to other things in their life, for instance, work. You see, these types of stereotypes stay despite evidence to the contrary.

In fact, there are even more stereotype findings according to the Tinder survey done on 1,036 people all of the single, from 18-25 years old. Today we shall discuss how women and men differed in the way they saw single life.

How Single Women Defied Stereotypes

Once asked if they thought that being single benefited them in different parts of their lives around 79% of men and 83% of women said “yes.” What type of benefits did man and women see?

The women said that they got to be more dedicated to their career and job. It was the women, more than the man who gave this answer. This difference was bigger in comparison to gender difference for any of the other remaining reasons.

Women answered that it also helped them meet more friends. Moreover, more than 70% of the participants said that they had made a conscious decision to remain single for a certain period of time in order to concentrate on other things in life.

Women, more often than men, said that they decided to stay single in order to concentrate on getting their degree and studying. The men said that they preferred to concentrate on their carrier more often in comparison to women.

But, bear in mind that the difference was small in comparison to the previous one about the studies. Women said that they decided to remain single in order to prioritize their wants and needs.

On the other hand, the man said that they decided to remain single in order to concentrate on a specific interest or hobby.

In different ways, the women more often said that they value their space, adventurousness, and independence. Women said that they feel more empowered by remaining single.

When asked why they’re single at the moment, women were more likely in comparison to men to say that they wanted to enjoy the adventure of being single while young. On the other hand, men said that they wanted to stay single in order to date many people.

When asked if they feel uneasy about thinking of settling down in a committed relationship, the women more than the men said that they were anxious about losing their independence.

Also, women were more focused in comparison to men about settling down with the wrong individual. They worried about spending less time with friends and family if they got a romantic partner.

This survey showed that:

  • Single people, in general, are more open when it comes to new experiences. This is in comparison to those people who are in relationships.
  • Single people are more fun to be around with in comparison to those people who are in a committed relationship.
  • Single people are more likely to say “yes” to new experiences than when the same people are in a committed relationship.

We hope that this survey made you realize that it is about time people upgrade their understanding of single people. Nowadays, young women are embracing the time when they are single because it makes them feel empowered.

Women like the journey and adventure that single life brings. When single women think about being in a committed romantic relationship, they tend to worry about possibly losing their independence.

Just the thought of sharing their space is not good to them in comparison to young single men. Young women value that when they’re single they have the time to concentrate on getting their degree and they can be devoted to their job.

After all, it seems that all the single ladies aren’t desperate to put a ring on it.

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